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    Default Re: Final Fantasy Record Keeper X-2: Gems, Mithril, Salt - In Position!

    Apparently there is. I haven't tried team thunder against Guardian yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    Brave 2 is comparable to an SSB, and Brave 3 to a low-end OSB.
    By the current examples the L3 is about 85-90% of the same character's OSB. Mages are 35 vs 40, physical is a bit more involved with Kain's jump bonus. Firion's is more like 70% if you actually get the 22 hits to max his out, but I don't think that's particularly relevant in this day and age of going for the quick killl. Interesting, so far I'm not finding much beyond "Kain has so many other things he can do already with a IV banner right on the doorstep" and "Technically Rinoa's original USB is better DPS" Maybe it's the next batch or two that get all the flak.
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