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    That basically describes nearly all of my homebrew... so I'll just post the one I was working on most recently - a Barbarian Archetype based on the League of Legends Champion, Singed!

    Path of the Mad Chemist

    For some barbarians, rage is a derangement of normally intelligent individualsóchanneling their own madness into chemical weaponry. The Path of the Mad Chemist is a path of sharing the madness to others on the battlefield. Mad Chemists use alchemical tools to share the pain with those in the battlefield through spewing poison or releasing toxic insects.

    Spoiler: Reference

    Empowered Bulwark
    Starting at 3rd level, When you are wielding a shield in one hand and either a light weapon or no other weapons, you can treat the shield as a light melee weapon dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage + your Strength modifier on a hit. You are proficient in using your shield as a weapon in this way.

    Trailing Cloud
    Staring when you choose this path at 3rd level, you also choose between a chemical tank or hive. You gain this object, and wear it on your back, regardless of the armor you wear. It does not take up an equipment slot. When you rage, you begin releasing a cloud around or behind you, based on the choice made.
    • Chemical Tank: You release a poison cloud that assault all hostile creatures. Those creatures must succeed on a constitution saving throw or take 1d12 poison damage. This damage increases by 1d12 with you reach 5th, 11th, and 17th level. This cloud that lingers until the end of your next turn in each of the 5ft squares you had stood in or traveled through.
    • Hive: You release a cloud of insects that assault all hostile creatures. Those creatures take poison damage equal to your proficiency bonus and must succeed a Constitution Saving throw, or move 5 ft in a random direction, if it can move and it's speed is at least 5 feet. This movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks by creatures other than you. This cloud spreads and acts as a 5 ft aura.
    Only creatures that enter the area or start their turn in the area are effected by the cloud. The DC for these Saving throws equal 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence Modifier

    Spoiler: Hive

    Starting at 6th level, when you use Reckless attack feature while raging, you also gain advantage on making a grapple attack. If the grappled creature is Large or smaller, you may choose to have your next melee attack this turn a special attack to throw a creature grappled by you 10 feet in any direction. If you throw the creature behind you, it automatically is hit by your Trailing Cloud ability, and makes saving throws at disadvantage until the beginning of it's next turn. You can successfully throw a creature in this way up to once per rage.

    Adhesive Bomb
    Starting at 10th level, you can create and toss an adhesive bomb. This bomb can be thrown, as an attack, to a point within a 40 ft, and otherwise acts as the spell grease. You regain the use of this feature after a short or long rest

    Insanity Potion

    At 14th level, You can consume a potion that drives you insane when you rage. If you do so, for the duration of your rage you gain the following:
    • You may use your Fling feature an additional time during the duration.
    • You gain a number of temporary hit points at the start of each of your turns. The number equals half your barbarian level. When the Rage ends, you lose any temporary hit points you gained from it.
    • The damage of trailing cloud feature is increased by your intelligence modifier.
    • You have disadvantage on Constitution, intelligence and charisma saving throws.
    You regain the use of this feature when you finish a long rest.
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