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    Default Re: D&D Subclass Contest IV: I Read This in a Book, Once

    So this is based on media, although a song/play instead of a book. Either way, I bring you the Pinball Wizard

    This is a wizard arcane tradition based on the song/play/rock opera,Pinball Wizard from The Who's Tommy. The defining feature of the class is that when you miss with a spell, you get another chance to use it again.

    Personal Google Drive PDF - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1H8...RbZVx6ahKgBS_i
    Homebrewry Link - http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/BJ-BngVp_m
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    Spoiler: 5e Subclass Contest Wins

    ● IV-Pinball Wizard
    ● VI-Luchador Bard
    ● XIII-Rogue, Tavern Wench
    ● XV-Monk, Way of the Shrine Guardian
    ● XVI-Cleric, Madness Domain
    ● XVIII-Fighter, Chef
    ● XXI-Artificer, Battling Bowman
    ● XXV-Ley Line Sorcerer