"Turning everyone into robots like yourself? Really? Only a machine could be so lacking in creativity and vision," Magtok scoffs, calling out the robot in front of him as he points his rifle at the machine man's head and waits for it to turn around. He really ought to just pull the trigger and take the android down, but...honestly, part of him really wants to hear the robot's response first. Give Robotok a chance; let him do a speech on his evil intentions and whatnot, maybe even an origin story explaining where the heck it came from. Then we shoot it. That's only fair, right? I mean, if it's going to put all of this nonsense together, it'd just be rude to blow our robotic double's hard drive out its skull without so much as a hello. Magtok knows he himself wouldn't appreciate it if some adventurers bumbled into his lair and just killed him without a word.