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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread V: Escape from LA


    Yet Another Funky Aberration: this time with pseudo-mindsight and a wacky life cycle, not to mention a weird name.

    Mindshredder Larva

    As always, the youngest stages of a creature's life cycle are the most playable (which sadly isn't saying much). Larva have 2 RHD, okay stats (+4 con, +2 wis and dex, -4 cha and int), small size, two points of natural armor, and a short-range (20 ft.) mindsight-like ability that doesn't work on dumb things. Perhaps the most interesting part are their two natural tentacle attacks (said limbs are almost definitely not capable of tool use, by the way), that deal 1d6 damage and a point of wisdom damage. I could see it being interesting for, idk, a rogue who doesn't mind being useless out of combat? Obvious -0 LA, even though it's got low RHD.

    If a mindshredder larva somehow survives for long enough to deal 20 points of wisdom damage, it can (but, if controlled by a smart player, won't) build a cocoon and transform into a...

    Mindshredder Warrior

    Large size and 21 strength, so at least it's a decent beatstick now. Or at least it would be, if it didn't have 7 aberration RHD. Apart from the mediocre chassis increases, the warrior has twice(!!!!!!11!!!!) the range on its Thought Sense, the ability to make huge jumps as a move action (which would be kinda neat if Sudden Leap hadn't become available six levels earlier as a swift action instead), and an increase on the wisdom damage from 1 to 1d2 points per attack. It's also got mediocre claws instead of mediocre tentacles now. Another -0 LA.

    Mindshredder Zenthal

    Zenthal, as in 'Zenthal the other party members an apology for playing this' (this is how funny I am at 11 PM, if people were wondering).

    Medium size, 13 RHD and 8 strength remove all melee ability the warrior could at least pretend to have. But instead, it gets the Mighty Magicks of... 3/day Confusion, 3/day Hypnotic Pattern, and a +4 shield bonus to AC (of course, natural armor has gone down compared to the warrior too).

    Also, the natural weapons are back to tentacles which deal a whole 1d4 wisdom damage now. Yeah, that's going to win fights. -0 LA.
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