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    I've given it some thoughts and I came to the conclusion that one relatively inexpensive item stands out in the list: the Dancing Sword.

    Dancing Sword is essentially a Spiritual Weapon that scales off str/dex instead of wis, except it is available to every class and doesn't take a spell slot. If said Dancing Sword is a Greatsword, the damage is better than Spiritual Weapon.

    At 2000 gold it makes Polearm Mastery, a feat traditionally seen as OP, obsolete. Why spend a feat to do 1d8 for the main attacks & 1d4 damage as a bonus action when you can spend 2000 gold instead and do 2d6 for both the main attack & the bonus action? Plus, contrarily to PAM, you can still use your bonus action to attack even if you use your action for something else.
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