[Front Door]

Normally, any respectable journalist would stay away from the tabloid extravaganza that was Magtok and his shenanigans, not only for their reputation but for their own well-being. It was amazing how few newspapers that covered being eaten by a giant lovelorn ant in their health benefit plan.
Of course, that reference was so dated that Faith was sure that she could put back back that concern into deadtime along with Pat herself. There was no way the ant-queen was still here after Magtok had abandoned the cave twice. She was probably doing something better with her life than trying to win the love of a madman.

However, something seemed to have changed about Magtok since his second return, namely that he had kept a remarkably low profile. Was this another of those "defective" magclones that had moved into riverside masquerading as an actual clone? Or perhaps Magtok was planning something...
Either way, it was an great opportunity to finally visit the infamous cave now that there was an open invitation. Not to mention that she knew for a fact that when Magtok threw a party some of the most prominent people of the nexus always turned up. In fact, perhaps she should be most concerned about getting out of here. Apparently parties in the magcave tended to last forever.

As this was a costume party Faith had decided to actually wear one. Ordinarily not her thing but when in Rome...

The journalist had decided on Sylvanas Windrunner (which in retrospect might have been rather dumb of her) and was thus wearing a ornate brown hood over her head and so far her costume her costume had been exactly on point. Hadn't been difficult to find one and it hadn't been too expensive.
But then things had started to get rough. The foam armor she had wanted wasn't exactly available in stores and she hadn't been ready to make her own just for this occasion and crafting was not Faith's thing.

Similarly, the quiver and the big-ass bow she needed to complete the look were expensive as well, and was there even a point of getting them if she couldn't get the armor? Faith had considered being lazy and just go as a ghost or a mummy, but then inspiration had struck.
Instead of the armor the character she was supposed to depict wore she was wearing some of her concert clothes, specifically spiked skull pauldrons made of foam along with a black vest that also was adorned with spikes. Finally, instead of foam armor gloves and leggings she was wearing spiked leather gloves and a pair of red short-shorts held up by a black skull buckle belt with a pair of black tights underneath. The bow had of course been replaced by her guitar and the quiver with the bag for it, which was now carried over her back.

Faith had considered the metal-Sylvanas costume to be pretty on point if not for her botched dye job, her hair was supposed to be white-blond but one could clearly see her pale red roots underneath. It wasn't that big a deal though as it went pretty well with the rest of the red in her costume. It was just too bad that while her glowing mono-colored eyes were perfect for the costume, they were also of the wrong color. Instead of the blood red the real Sylvanas had which would have gone perfectly with the rest of the costume her eyes cast a distinct lake-blue sheen which no contact lenses could change. There was also the obvious lack of giant long ears poking out from the hood which she never would be able to get right.

But hey, everything couldn't be perfect. As far as costumes went she was pleased with how this one had turned out. Now all she had to do was to find some important/famous people she could talk to...
Well, quite a few weird and/or famous characters here, just as she had expected.
With that, the journalist starts heading towards the refreshment table, hopefully people would be willing to talk to her...