At this Ib'bahali frowns. A pity.

"That's unfortunate. Do try to keep your eyes open for strange happenings. I would like to tell you more, but the being that's catalyzing this problem feeds on people being aware of it. Which, as you might imagine, makes it difficult to raise awareness to stop it," he explains.

That's the trouble when dealing with eldritch abominations.

They aren't nice about following rules.

Stupid cheating Great Old Ones.

"If you do happen to encounter any strange yellow symbols or anomalous plays that appear to cause mental corrosion please call me if you're able," Ibby says, offering a business card to Michalson.

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Ib'bahali Xar'cha
Professional Augur
Below is a wholly unremarkable phone number.

"Thankfully this sort of thing doesn't come up very often. There are too few people here in the city willing or able to deal with eldritch nonsense."