"Oh, well, yes. Off duty and all that," Ib'bahali replies with a knowing nod. "One must take pause every now and again from the horrors of the arcane. It wears on you."

Wears on you a whole bunch.

There's a reason why mad wizards are such a common trope.

Has to do with the nasty habit wizards have of going mad.

"Intersection! I've been meaning to look into that, if you would believe me," he says. About this time his velvet elfish finally arrives, which he begins nibbling at between turning pages in his books. "Having a few more official resources at my disposal would certainly be a boon. And I'm sure our interests align when it comes to preventing deranged cultists from ripping open a dripping gash in reality and disgorging unmentionable things into our fair City. You know, as it happens, my mother was on the police force, back in the day. My auntie, too. Back when this place was still called 'The Town'. Hah. It really wasn't that long ago, was it? But it feels so much longer."

He gives his head a little shake.

"But here I am rambling. A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Mister Barring. I don't suppose you're familiar with the application process for your fine organization? Now that I have the subject on my mind, I think I may truly look into joining the cause."