big teej, (pronounced with a dg, like in judge or edge, not tee-jay)

teej is an acceptable abbreviation.

Availability: I am currently unavailable to run an additional game. I am currently running one game, and am putting together a Proof of Concept game to run concurrently.

Contact Information: PM via this Forum.

Posting Frequency: In a typical week, I am able to post at least once a day, I may or may not post on weekends.

Systems I Run: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun Anarchy, and Pokemon World.

Preferred Campaign Types: I'll run whatever idea I have that I think has the legs to carry a game. I tend to run games that take themselves seriously. Mechanically, I rarely use traps or traditional puzzles.

Sample Campaign Types: All games I'm involved with are found in my signature.

Current Campaigns: I am currently running Kanto Plus: Aftermath on these forums. Including a brief hiatus to obtain feedback and proof reading, the game has been running for over two years.

Future Campaigns: I have plans and outlines for another, larger Pokemon world campaign in the future, I recently acquired the materials required to run East Texas University, I plan to run a game loosely based on My Hero Academia, I have unused plot-lines and hooks for Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy, and Shadowrun Anarchy. I don't intend to ever run more than 2 games concurrently.