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Nice. I'm impressed. Are you only making for yourself, or are you planning to eventually start selling?
Thanks :) Those two (plus the one on the left in the Spoiler Picture in this post) are for me and to practise. The Bass in the picture is for a friend, and I've got one more "Violet" Shape with a twist for an actual paying customer.

If people are willing to give me money for these, I'm willing to sell :) So if you've got an idea in your head, by all means, hit me up.
What I can't do at this point (or rather haven't tried) is true temparament and inlaywork.

The first one was pretty good already, only the 7th string gave is a bit wobbly, and 3 frets on the highest two strings are a bit fiddly. And the thing survived a 10-day-tour :)

Spoiler: Progress