Spoiler: Stub

Primordial Half-Giant Spellscale Xorvintaal Exarch Warmage 6/ Pact Bound Adept 5/ Marshall 1/ Blood Magus 5

Spoiler: Point Buy/Racial/Template Info

Point Buy:
STR 10
DEX 10
CON 12
INT 15
WIS 11
CHA 17

Template/Racial Mods
DEX 10
CON 10
INT 19
WIS 11
CHA 23
4- INT, 8-16 CHA

Spellscale (RoTD 23)
+2 CHA/ -2 CON Medium, 30 ft, (Dragonblood), Low Light Vision, Blood Quickening – ( Bahamut for Vs evil, Chronepsis for Silent Spell usage, Io for Heighten Spell usage, Lendys for Concentration and Still Spell, and Tiamat for vs Good)

Primordial Giant (Secrets of Xen’drik 82) LA +0 template, tied to Giants
SLA: Invisibility/will, -4 STR, -2 CON, +4 INT/CHA, Magical Knack (Ex) use SLA’s at +1 CL, 8 extra skill pts at 1st lvl, 2 extra each level beyond, any 1 knowledge (Arcana) as class skill, +2 Spellcraft/UMD

*Half-Giant Template: LA +1, +2 CON/STR, -2 DEX, Med, speed 30, Lowlight, Naturally Psionic (gain 2 pp at 1st lvl), Fire Acclimated (+2 saves vs fire spells/effects), Powerful Build, Psi-Like abilities: 1/day Stomp (dc 10)

*Xorvintaal Exarch Template LA +2, Telepathic Communication to 100 miles w/ Xorvintaal Dragon, Dragon’s Favor (5 tokens, various abilities)

Flaw: Meager Fortitude: take a -3 penalty on FORT saves

Primordial, Half Giant are level 1, Exarch is applied at 2nd and 3rd

Spoiler: Background

Dar’esh was born into the Chromatic Cult, forever destined to be one of Her chosen few. From the youngest of ages, he served her Holiness in whatever way was needed while acting as a Steward of the Scale at the Temple Phyxia where She would sometimes visit. A permanent shrine was erected for Her there, and it was said that one only need speak Her name, and She would hear, and see you.

Anyone could be a Cleric for her Highness, it was simply an honorary title, for it didn’t require Divine power at all. Life as a Steward was far from dull, especially when it came to amassing the various baubles that could be taken from those of the wrong alignment. Once per cycle, She would visit the Temple to collect our offerings. To bask in her presence was truly a magnificent feeling.

As a giant amongst my fellows, I was singled out to be an Agent of Hers, to further Her interests, and to work towards extending the influence of Evil in the world. This of course would be a path full of excitement and danger, and She gave me powers to assist in this endeavor. I also made Pacts with Her, and this led to still further power. Even when I fell in battle, I would return to face my foes again and again.

Beware all who would stand against Her, for I am but one of many who will stand in your way.

Spoiler: Build Table

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
4th Warmage +0 +0 +0 +2 Concentration 4, Intimidate 4, Knowledge (Arcana) 4, Spellcraft 4, cc-Diplomacy 1, cc-Bluff 1, cc-Sleight of Hand 1, cc-UMD 1 Mindsight, (B) Dragontouched) Armored Mage (Light), Warmage Edge, Spells
5th Warmage 2 +1 +0 +0 +3 Concentration 5, Know Arc 5, Spellcraft 5, cc-Bluff 1.5, cc-Sleight 1.5, cc-UMD 1.5 - -
6th Warmage 3 +1 +1 +1 +3 Conc 6, Know Arc 6, Spellcraft 6, cc-Bluff 2, cc-Sleight 2, cc-UMD 2 Draconic Heritage Advanced Learning – Thunderhead
7th Warmage 4 +2 +1 +1 +4 Conc 7, Know Arc 7, Spellcraft 7, cc-Bluff 3, cc-Sleight 3 - -
8th Warmage 5 +2 +1 +1 +4 Conc 8, Know Arc 8, Spellcraft 8, cc-Bluff 4, cc-Sleight 4 - -
9th Warmage 6 +3 +2 +2 +5 Conc 9, Know Arc 9, Spellcraft 9, cc-Diplomacy 2, cc-UMD 2 Great Fortitude Advanced Learning – Great Thunderclap
10th Pact-Bound Adept +3 +2 +4 +7 Conc 10, Know Arc 10, Spellcraft 10, cc-Bluff 5, cc-Sleight 5 - Improved Pact +1
11th PBA 2 +4 +2 +5 +8 Conc 11, Know Arc 11, Spellcraft 11, cc-UMD 4, Conceal Spellcasting Trick - Dragoncast, +1 Spellcasting
12th Marshall +4 +4 +5 +10 Bluff 8, Diplomacy 5, Intim 5, cc-Sleight 6 Daunting Prescence, (B) Skill Focus - Diplomacy Minor Aura - Motivate Charisma
13th PBA 3 +4 +5 +5 +10 Conc 13, Diplomacy 6, Know Arc 12, Spellcraft 12, Timely Misdirection Trick (B) Eschew Materials +1 Spellcasting
14th PBA 4 +5 +5 +6 +11 Conc 14, Diplo 8, Know Arc 13, Spellcraft 13, Swift Concentration Trick - Improved Pact +2
15th PBA 3 +5 +5 +6 +11 Conc 15, Diplo 10, Know Arc 14, Spellcraft 13, cc-Sleight 7 Toughness Bonus Dragonpact, +1 Spellcasting
16th Blood Magus +5 +8 +6 +11 Bluff 10, Conc 16, Spellcraft 15, cc-Sleight 8 - Blood Component, Durable Casting, Staunch, +1 Spellcasting
17th Magus 2 +6 +9 +6 +11 Bluff 12, Conc 17, cc-Sleight 9, cc-UMD 5 - Scarification, +1 Spellcasting
18th Magus 3 +6 +9 +7 +12 Bluff 14, Conc 18, cc-Sleight 10, cc-UMD 6 (B) Awareness, Obtain Familiar - Huitzil Death Knell 1/day, +1 Spellcasting
19th Magus 4 +7 +10 +7 +12 Bluff 16, Conc 19, cc-Sleight 11, cc-UMD 7 - Blood Draught, +1 Spellcasting
20th Magus 5 +7 +10 +7 +12 Bluff 18, Conc 20, cc-Sleight 12, cc-UMD 8 - Homonculous

*Mindsight Feat (Lords of Madness 126) : detect and pinpoint any intelligent being w/in 100 miles
*Obtain Familiar (Complete Arcane 81) get a friend
*Great Fortitude (PHB) +2 on FORT saves
*Toughness (PBH) +3 HP
*Daunting Presence (Miniatures Handbook 25) 30ft “Awe” DC 10+1/2 char lvl+CHA or shaken 10mins
*Draconic Heritage (Dragon Magic 17/Races of the Dragon 102) declare heritage, gain a class skill and other bonuses, namely +2 saves against magic sleep/paralysis and +2 against magic effects with the cold descriptor
*Dragontouched (Dragon Magic 18) +1 HP, +1 listen/spot/search, +1 saves vs magic sleep/paralysis

Skill Tricks:
Conceal Spellcasting: Sleight of Hand check as part of casting, success means no AoO against you, and can’t attempt to counter your spell
Timely Misdirection: successful bluff check to feint, opponent is denied AoO on you until start of its next turn
Swift Concentration: maintain concentration as a swift action

Spoiler: Spells

Spells per Day/Spells Known - not counting bonus spells for CHA
Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st 5 3 - - - - - - - -
2nd 6 4 - - - - - - - -
3rd 6 5 - - - - - - - -
4th 6 6 3 - - - - - - -
5th 6 6 4 - - - - - - -
6th 6 6 5 3 - - - - - -
7th 6 6 5 3 - - - - - -
8th 6 6 6 4 - - - - - -
9th 6 6 6 4 - - - - - -
10th 6 6 6 5 3 - - - - -
11th 6 6 6 5 3 - - - - -
12th 6 6 6 6 4 - - - - -
13th 6 6 6 6 5 3 - - - -
14th 6 6 6 6 6 4 - - - -
15th 6 6 6 6 6 5 3 - - -
16th 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 - - -
17th 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 - - -

Caster Levels:
13 from classes
+1 possible from Death Knell
+1 from Blood Component
+2 to SLA’s from PBA
+1 to SLA’s from Primordial Giant

Bonus Spells:
1: 1-2, 2-2, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1
8: 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1
16: 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 8-1

as Scribe Scroll Feat (PHB) – any spell you know
Any number or combination of the following as a default. We get 6 ‘scrolls’, and is a good way to expand our higher level slots for more uses later on. Default to:
Cloudkill, Flame Strike, Prismatic Ray, Disintegrate.

Blood Draught:
as Brew Potion Feat (PHB) – any spell you know up to 3rd level that targets 1 or more creatures
We get 5 potions that sit until used, or can be “given” to another as long as they drink 1oz of our blood. We’ll have any number or combination of the following spells as a default pool: Fist of Stone, True Strike, Fire Shield, and Alter Self.

Creating your own:
1=1st lvl spell, 2=2nd or 3rd lvl spell, 3=3rd or 4th lvl spell, 4=5th or 6th lvl spell, 5=7th or 8th lvl spell

1- The Chromatic Cult: (Tiamat)
1-Blue: Kaupaer’s Quickblast (http://archive.wizards.com/default.a...d/mb/20050112a ) 1 point of fire/cold/elec damage/lvl (max5)
2-White: Ice Blast (Comp Arcane 110) 1d6/2lvls cold damage in a cone, and fatigued for 1 min
3-Green: Energy Spheres (Spell Compendium 80) 5 orbs, acid/elec/fire/cold/sonic offense or defense
4-Red: Storm of Fire and Ice (Complete Mage 118) 6d6 fire and 6d6 ice, long range, 20ft radius,
5-Black: Ravage (Champions of Ruin 33) living within area take 1d6/2lvls vile damage

This Pact is based off the 5 different heads of Tiamat herself. 1 SLA listed per elemental type of damage, with the exception being Black (that went with evil), as there is no point in doubling up on Acid. Where possible, multiple types of damage or effects are given to also reflect the multi-faceted Tiamat.

The Chromatic Cult (Tiamat)
Spell Slot SLA Gained
2nd Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 2/day
3rd Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 3/day, Ice Blast 1/day
4th Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 3/day, Ice Blast 2/day
5th Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 3/day, Ice Blast 3/day, Energy Sphere’s 1/day
6th Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 3/day, Ice Blast 3/day, Energy Sphere’s 2/day
7th Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 3/day, Ice Blast 3/day, Energy Sphere’s 3/day, Storm of Fire and Ice 1/day
8th Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 3/day, Ice Blast 3/day, Energy Sphere’s 3/day, Storm of Fire and Ice 2/day
9th Kaupeaer’s Quickblast 3/day, Ice Blast 3/day, Energy Sphere’s 3/day, Storm of Fire and Ice 3/day, Ravage 1/day

2- The Queen’s Blessings (Tiamat)

1- Corrupt Water (see Misc section) 10 cubic feet of water becomes foul, spoil liquids containing water (potions and items in possession get a WILL save equal to a Frightful Presence check or become fouled)
2- Alter Self (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/alterSelf.htm) 10min/lvl up to 5hd form
3- Dominate Person (SRD http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/dominatePerson.htm ) 1day/lvl
4- Spell Resistance (PHB 283) gain SR 12+CL
5- Polymorph any Object (SRD http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/polymorphAnyObject.htm )

This Pact is based off granting some manipulative abilities that Tiamat has herself, either directly or by interpretation. The biggest of these being Alter Self, which allows for flight and many other forms/abilities that mimic in some small way the vast array of powers controlled by Her majesty.
The Queen’s Blessings (Tiamat)
Spell Slot SLA Gained
2nd Corrupt Water 2/day
3rd Corrupt Water 3/day, Alter Self 1/day
4th Corrupt Water 3/day, Alter Self 2/day
5th Corrupt Water 3/day, Alter Self 3/day, Dominate Person 1/day
6th Corrupt Water 3/day, Alter Self 3/day, Dominate Person 2/day
7th Corrupt Water 3/day, Alter Self 3/day, Dominate Person 3/day, Spell Resistance 1/day
8th Corrupt Water 3/day, Alter Self 3/day, Dominate Person 3/day, Spell Resistance 2/day
9th Corrupt Water 3/day, Alter Self 3/day, Dominate Person 3/day, Spell Resistance 3/day, Polymorph Any Object 1/day

Spoiler: By Level Breakdown:

I chose to start my build at ECL 2nd and build to 20, instead of start at 1 and end at 17th due to LA from templates. Dar'esh is CE

5- Primordial Half Giant Xorvintaal Exarch Warmage 2 at this point. Warmage Edge adds 4 damage to every spell (5 damage at 7th level), or every target in an AoE spell. Racial Blood Quickening adds flexibility, and Primordial’s Invisibility at will provides options in battle and otherwise at a level that it’s unlikely to be countered at. Mindsight is utterly broken combined with XE’s telepathy range. (and ironically, I chose this feat before it was discussed in thread, i saw the utter ludicrousness of it right from the start, oh well) If we get in trouble, we can always Stomp to attempt to knock those around us prone. Powerful Build allows us to act as Large whenever that would be beneficial to us for a variety of reasons.

10- A 4th lvl sorcerer can take a Dragonpact and we’ll choose The Queen’s Blessings at this level, (marked by wisps of smoke coming from our nose and mouth) and keep up with it until attaining the bonus pact at 15th. Otherwise we’re advancing in Warmage and entering the SI at 10th. SLA’s are being cast at +2 CL, helping to make up for a little of our lost levels from Templates.

15- A rank in Marshall thrown into the mix, as well as picking up Daunting Presence which is a standard action ‘Awe’ that functions like Frightful Presence at a 10 minute duration. At 12th level, the DC is 32. Our SLA’s are now cast at +3 CL and we’re into the 2nd Dragonpact now as well. All 3 Skill Tricks are taken in this block as well, giving more options in combat and providing some further protection for our casting to help make up for the lower CL.

20- The final block is all Blood Magus. While it does have some crappy feat taxes, you can pick up another +1 CL, 5 spells as potions via Blood Draught, and 6 spells via Scarification to further expand the utility of your limited spell list. Durable Casting is essentially a +5 bonus to Concentration checks to avoid failure in combat. Pick up a familiar a little late (stupid feat taxes!) and add onto that with Homonculous which also acts like a damage sponge. Be a dragon, have a dragonesque familiar and a dragon shaped construct. With ability mods in base form, Bluff is at +34, Diplomacy at +26, Intimidate at +21 and UMD at +26, +28 on scrolls (nearly auto success).

Specific uses for Dragon’s Favor from XE:
Energy Immunity : Tiamat has 4 different breath weapons, so we can spend a token to gain immunity to 1 of them for 10 mins, Fire, Cold, Electricity, Acid.

Frightful Presence: Upgrading this with the Daunting Presence Feat

Dragon Wing: I’d like to think that I can cut the hand off another XE and create a gauntlet out of it for permanent flying. The description only states that I clasp the hand, not that they have to be alive or attached to the body… Tiamat’s flight speed is 150ft. The ability also states the flight speed, but not the maneuverability of poor in this case…

Draconic Reverie: a +4 bonus to the next save or attack, this is dependent on how much we want to do either of those, but could combine it with True Strike for a can’t miss attack.

Lair’s Return: When it comes time to upgrade our Pacts, we travel back to Tiamat’s Lair for that sweet diplomacy/Intimidate bonus.

Lair’s Rebirth: Combined with Stanch from Blood Magus, this teleports us to Tiamat’s Lair, unconscious but stable at 0 hp.

The sweet spots are 4, 12, 20

Spoiler: Familiar/s

Huitzil Stats:

As familiar grants +3 to Sleight of Hand
N Tiny Animal (Dragonblood)
17d4 HP = ½ master’s, BAB +7
Init +2, Lowlight, AC 24, touch 14, flat 22
F10, R7, W12 Speed 10/60 fly average, Attack Option: Distract (melee touch at +4, success = -2 attack/1 round), Hover, Weapon Finesse(B), S5, D15, C10, I12, W11, C8 Hide 10, Sleight 10
Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells, Speak with Master, Speak with animals of its kind, Spell Resistance 22, Scry on Familiar

Homonculous Stats (Monster Manual 154, and advancement rules 290):
Tiny Construct
(we’ll spend the extra 8k gold to make it a 6HD construct, or its free, RAW is vague, both saying we don’t need to meet the pre-reqs, as well as stating it gains HD for extra B.Magus lvls…)
6d10 HD
Init +2, Speed 20/50 fly good
AC 14, touch 14, flat 12 BAB +4
Poison (Injury, FORT DC 13 sleep 1 min/sleep 5d6 mins), Darkvision 60ft, lowlight Vision
F0,R4,W2 Hide 14, Listen/Spot 8, Lightning Reflexes +2x Feats
S8, D16, C-, I10, W12, C7
Construct Traits: (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/typesSubtypes.htm ) Immunity to Mind affecting effects, immunity to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects and energy drain. Not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability damage or drain, fatigue, exhaustion or energy drain. Immune to anything that requires a FORT save unless it affects objects or is harmless, no risk at death from massive damage. Can’t be raised or resurrected. Does not eat, breathe, or sleep.

Spoiler: Sources:

Champions of Ruin: Ravage
Complete Arcane: Warmage, Blood Magus, Obtain Familiar, Ice Blast
Complete Mage: Storm of Fire and Ice
Complete Scoundrel: Skill Tricks
Deities and Demigods: Tiamat
Dragon Magic: Pact-Bound Adept, Dragon Pacts, Huitzil, Dragontouched, Draconic Heritage
Lords of Madness: Mindsight
Miniature’s Handbook: Marshall
Monster Manual: Homonculous, Advancement Rules
Monster Manual V: Xorvintaal Exarch
PHB: Feats
Races of the Dragon: Spellscales, Draconic Heritage
Secrets of Xen’drik: Primordial Giant Template
Spell Compendium

SRD: Spells, Half-Giant Template


Spoiler: MISC/RAWrey

Xorvintaal Exarch grants Telepathic communication to your host dragon (Tiamat) within 100 miles. Mindsight grants the ability to pinpoint intelligent beings within the range of your telepathy, so 100 miles.

Alter Self uses: http://minmaxforum.com/index.php?topic=2811.0 as well as things like raptoran for flight, and dragonblood gives access to those dragon forms which mostly fly, NA bonuses, Natural Weapons, skill bonus’s, bonus feats, etc… Anything small to large in size. Humanoid, Dragon, Giant.

Corrupt Water:
in Deities and Demigods, under the Tiamat listing, she gets this at 1/day as an SLA. In the link above, under Black Dragons, it lists the same ability and equating it to a 1st lvl spell. The lowest age category that would be able to do this (adult) has a Frightful Presence DC of 20. However if we use the Daunting Presence Feat in our build which mimics, but improves, on FP, the capstone DC would be 10+8(1/2 char level) + CHAx2=16 (base +marshal aura) for a DC of 34

Draconic Heritage (RotD 102/Dragon Magic 17) states you can, with permission, take the heritage of a dragon not listed, we are obviously choosing Tiamat for this build. The element associated is any 1 energy type of (cold/fire/elec/acid) that represent the 5 heads. We’ll pick Cold (which gives us ‘some’ defense against both cold and fire (from the half giant template). As well as a skill that’s added to the class list. Since Tiamat likes to manipulate things, let’s pick any of the face abilities (bluff/diplomacy/intimidate). I built my table before doing this, so it’s not germane to the skill points I took, although I would probably choose Diplomacy.

I’d really like to use flaws for just about the first time ever, in fact after reviewing the round requirements, I’m forced to take a flaw in order to fit in the 2nd feat requirement for this round. (ugh, a LA+2 template AND 2 required feats, this round is brutal for sure!) There just aren’t enough Feats for this to function the way I want, especially with a mandatory LA +2 template and a feat tax for this competition on top of that. I chose to take a flaw that would actually impact this build, and counter the benefit, however minor, of one of the feat taxes I had to pay for Blood Magus, so that it actually hurts a little, rather than choose a flaw that would have no impact. I will have to accept the elegance penalty. The only other option would be to drop Obtain Familiar from the build, and rework my entire table. I would at the very least choose to use these 2 additional feats:
*Insightful Reflexes (Complete Adventurer 110) INT instead of DEX to REF
*Force of Personality (Complete Adventurer 109) CHA instead of WIS to WILL
As well as Practiced Spellcaster to help make up some lost CL. I chose to forgo that in this build as I have 4 feat taxes to pay, and the Marshal’s aura helps make up the DC’s for all my spellcasting by boosting the effective CHA from +8 to +16. Also had to rearrange feats in order to pay taxes, so some things come online much later than I’d prefer…

Advanced Learning (1st lvl spell) : it only shows up as a sorcerer spell, but Ghostly Tail would be very fitting on this build (and could mimic the Tail Sweep ability of Tiamat), and I’d ask for it instead of Thunderhead as the first learning spell. Duration is awesome, plus you can use it to deliver touch spells, as well as for AoO’s. Thunderhead does a paltry 1 electrical damage, but even if it does no damage due to being saved against, it still betrays the location of any invisible being for 1 rd/lvl.