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No, the specific thing here is that Rob doesn't want a hiatus cliffhanger where nothing gets shown. While it was a long period of time where we didn't know what happened to Wanda, there were still other updates (which, yes, caused information to be much more dispersed due to the smaller update sizes).
Interrumpting the Wanda battle with countless pages of tower legalese in a completely parallel conflict in another dimension that had zero interactions to what was happening with Wanda may as well count as a cliffhanger for all pratical purposes.

Meanwhile we also got the "not"-cliffhanger of what exactly happened to Caesar. Stop switching scenes when a character is about to croak damnit!

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If Wanda was going to die, I would like there to be this epic push and pull of fate trying to rescue Wanda from constant attempts of killing, maybe some multiple prophecies that duel with each other, or possibly Wanda ignoring clear signs that she needs to do X thing and Fate just finally shrugging its shoulders and giving up. At least the dynamic of Charlie vs. Fate has some interesting byplay when we see just how absurd things have to get in order to keep Parson around.
There's already been contant attempts of killing Wanda and she escaping by absurd conditions:
-Survived a battle in the Mee Kay between Charlie's archons with rifles then the free mancers ganking her.
-Got sentenced to croak by the free mancers only to escape due to Ivan just dying.
-Got ganked by archons with rifles again, refusing to team up with Charlie only for the thinkmancer gestalt to pop in at the last second.
-Kept hanging in the underground instead of rushing back to her side only to finally a team of dirtmancers stopping her.

And I'm not even counting earlier stuff like all the times in book 1 and 2 that Wanda tastes the dirt and luckily there happens to be an allied caster nearby with a healomancy scroll handy.

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Now that the moment has finally arrived with a character that is Fated to keep living getting killed off, I want to see what is this "worse" thing that supposedly happens when fate is thwarted. I want reality to twist, for maybe some sort of natural reconjumancy to happen and things reset to the day before, but someone is now tasked to putting things back to right.

There are so many interesting directions things can go, but we already know how this is going down, right?

Awakened arkenepliers, as soon as this happens Fate goes, "guess we can kill wanda off in a meaningless manner and put her under the thumb of the pliers." Pliers then decrypt her. Instead of interesting mechanics, we just get a another bullcrap boop-pull to bring things back to normal.
To be fair, people had been predicting "And now Wanda will be decrypted by her own pliers!" since book 2.

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Boring. In the end, Fate always wins, and the rules will break in absurd ways to keep the status quo. It didn't need to go this way, and I don't know why Rob felt so strongly that we MUST have sentient Pliers to continue the story. One thing I really like about OOTS is that there are absolute limits on what you can do, and Rich also discourages the stuff that can quickly solve problems, like how long the resurrection of Roy took, or making sure V can't use teleport. One would think that a wargame/rpg would also have hard rules, but that just never seems to be the case. Rob just refuses to write higher stakes without pulling out bull**** for the protagonists to win.

Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if Rob regrets making Parson the protagonist in the first place, a protagonist that uses his head to win wars has no place in a story like this, which we can clearly see by the fact of Parson being sidelined for such a long time, Rob had some good ideas during the first two books, but that well seems to have run dry.
"Run dry" pretty much since it indeed feels like he's just been throwing stuff at the wall and pray something sticks for the last 2 books. "Awakened cities!" "Thinkmancer Gestalt!" "Awakened golems!" "Awakened arkentool!" "STRINGSSTRINGSSTRINGSbored now let's talk about city sign language".