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    Default Re: Erfworld Thread XI: Finally, it's HAMMER-TIME!

    Quote Originally Posted by tomaO2 View Post

    I want a god damned strategy wargame, with some D&D elements. I want combat pragmatists, and interesting tactics. That is what was advertised when I came in, and this story is just not delivering
    Well said! Remember Ansom and Trems and Vinnie? Rob clearly doesn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by tomaO2 View Post

    Just because people can guess a story element, doesn't mean that it's a good idea to it.
    Actually, I take that back a bit, if the arkenpliers had attuned to a new person, and that person has ressed Wanda, I would be... okay with that. What I don't like is awakened pliers doing it.
    Heh, technically the awakened pliers can't move on their own, so somebody will need to pick them up and "attune" enough to don't get their head made to explode so they can carry them to Wanda's corpse.
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    "You know, Durkon, I built this planet up from nothing. When I started here, all there was was a snarl. All the other gods said we were daft to build a planet over a snarl, but I built it all the same, just to show then. It got eaten by the snarl...

    ...so we built a five millionth, three hundreth, twenty first one. That one burned down, fell over, then got eaten by the snarl, but the five millionth, three hundreth, and twenty second one stayed up! Or at least, it has been until now."