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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakk View Post
    (In fact, if you MC any arcane class, then get Arcane Implement Proficiency for any arcane implement group, including light blades, heavy blades, staffs).
    Q82c: Are you saying that if a Dwarf Cleric w/ Dwarven Weapon Training (prof. with axes & hammers and +2 damage with them) multiclasses into any arcane class, e.g. bard, and takes Arcane Implement Proficiency, they could use a Khopesh (axe + heavy blade) as an implement for Cleric powers with the +2 damage bonus?

    (By the way, thanks to everyone (ve4grm, masteraleph, MwaO, Yakk) for the detailed answers!)

    EDIT: It appears not, since "Choose a kind of implement associated with any arcane class. You can use that kind of implement with your arcane powers." So only for arcane powers.
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