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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwic View Post
    Q82c: Are you saying that if a Dwarf Cleric w/ Dwarven Weapon Training (prof. with axes & hammers and +2 damage with them) multiclasses into any arcane class, e.g. bard, and takes Arcane Implement Proficiency, they could use a Khopesh (axe + heavy blade) as an implement for Cleric powers with the +2 damage bonus?

    (By the way, thanks to everyone (ve4grm, masteraleph, MwaO, Yakk) for the detailed answers!)

    EDIT: It appears not, since "Choose a kind of implement associated with any arcane class. You can use that kind of implement with your arcane powers." So only for arcane powers.
    A82c: The feat doesn't specify that it has to be a weapon attack, so yes. As long as you take DWT and AIP (Heavy Blades), you're golden.

    EDIT: You have to have an arcane class first, to take AIP. So you need a multiclass feat or something, but then it works.
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