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    Default Re: D&D Subclass Contest IV: I Read This in a Book, Once

    Martial Archetype: Final Hero
    A tribute to Final Fantasy, especially VII, VIII, X and XIII

    You are the chosen one of destiny, the unlikely champion with the tragic backstory who will one day save the world. Armed with a fantastical sword, industrial-strength hair gel, a motley band of allies and a magitech airship, you are perfectly equipped to grind down legions of monsters, collect 100% of all the loot in existence and finally beat that one really tough boss. Seriously, what is with that jerk?

    Unreasonably Large Weapons
    At 3rd level, Any melee weapon you wield gains the reach property if it does not already have it. Additionally, you can ignore the heavy property of weapons.

    Crisis Mode
    Also at 3rd level, you are able to bring out hidden powers when you are badly injured. If your current hit points are less than half of your maximum hit points, your base movement speed increases by 5 feet and once per turn you can add your proficiency bonus to a single weapon damage roll.

    Hero's Angst
    By the time you reach 7th level, your angst has become a force to be reckoned with. No one can ever truly understand you or the burdens you bear. Consequently, your thoughts cannot be read by any means, including magic or telepathy, unless you allow it.

    The Truth Revealed
    At 10th level, a dramatic plot twist gives you new purpose and boosts your determination, just when all hope seemed lost. You can ignore the effect of exhaustion up to level 5, suffering no ill effects until that point.

    Limit Break
    By 15th level, you learn the ultimate technique that allows you to break through all limits and deal incredible amounts of damage. When you use your Action Surge, you can choose to deploy your limit break, thus gaining two additional actions instead of one.
    Once you have performed a limit break, you must complete a long rest before you can do so again (you can perform additional, non-limit-breaking Action Surges as normal).

    Chosen One
    When you reach 18th level, you are finally ready to fulfill your destiny and become a true legend. Chose any one ability score. Your maximum for that score is now 22.

    Changelog: 14/10/2018: Crisis Mode adds prof bonus not Cha mod, Limit Break 1/long rest.
    15/10/2018: Limit Break no longer gives extra bonus action.
    17/10/2018: Limit Break deployment is optional when using Action Surge.
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