The Hunter (Ranger)'s Rapid Shot at will, which is poachable by anyone with a level 1 Ranger At Will attack via the Archery Mastery feat, states the following:
You make a ranged basic attack with a weapon against each creature in or adjacent to a square within the attack's range. You take a -2 penalty to the attack rolls.

I've always overlooked the end of the first sentence, figuring that it was an RBA against each creature in or adjacent to a target (sort of a Burst 1, but all ranged attacks). But rereading it, it seems like that may not be the case, and that it would actually target everyone within the range of your RBA +1. Is that correct?


Does everyone attacked via Rapid Shot have to be attacked with the same RBA? For example, could an Elementalist with a Dagger as their implement make the normal thrown weapon RBA against allies, likely missing because their Dex is probably low, and use Elemental Bolt against enemies? I'm aware of War Wizard's Expertise and War Wizardry, but this would be a no-resources-required method of doing the same thing.