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    Default Outside 47: [Insert seasonal phrase that will be outdated when this thread ends]

    This place is just as it sounds. It's Outside!
    Want a change of scenery? Go Outside.
    Always wanted to visit the beach? Come Outside.
    Looking to have a climatic fight on clifftops? Attempt Outside.
    Secret meetings being held where there's no cameras? Try Outside.
    Want an ambush without nasty base defenses? Yep! Outside.

    Any and all are welcome in the wild expanses beyond the reach of civilization. Who's going to keep you out? That's right, no one. You're already out!
    Here lie vast expanses, dense forests, towering mountains, dizzying canyons, treacherous dungeons, encroaching jungles, roaring waterfalls, endless wastes, blistering deserts, mossy cliffs, illusionary oases, eldritch moors, flowering bosques, infested hills, cyclopean ruins, weed-tangled gardens, crumbling glaciers, peaceful glades, bubbling tar pits, rumbling volcanoes, teetering hoodoos, honeycombed caverns, dripping grottos, inland seas, grassy knolls, overgrown battlefields, creepy boneyards, guano-covered caves, and so much more!
    The sky is truly the limit, and sometimes not even that. If you can imagine it, it's here, and something super cool is probably happening there.

    And most importantly, enjoy Outside. That's what this is all about.

    Rules and Guidelines
    There is very little you can't do Outside. However, like always, please follow the forum rules and general rules of conduct. Respect that a scene may be private or that a plot shouldn't be interrupted. When in doubt, ask someone involved in the OoC thread or by PM.

    There are many areas Outside, and people can be in multiple places outside. In order to keep areas Outside separated so there's no confusion, consider bolding your outside location at the start of each of your posts, like so:
    [An Epic Cliffside Battle]

    The creepy eyed squirrel looks on at the raging battle with contempt! Contempt that only a squirrel with particularly creepy eyes can muster.
    [The Beach!]

    The menacing craps are not only menacing today, but frustrated. Their every attempt to menace the non-existent duck has met with failure. Some might ask why the crabs are trying to menace nothing, but those people would get viciously pinched.
    Note the creepy eyed squirrel and the menacing crabs do not interact because they are in different areas Outside. They could interact, if the squirrel moved to the beach. Of course, various things like telepathy help bypass this.

    Outside 46
    Outside 45
    Outside 44: Baby it's cold outside
    Outside 43: Where the sun hurts your eyes and burns your skin
    Outside 42
    Outside 41: Inside Outside, outside Inside
    Outside 40: It's all downhill from here
    Outside XXXIX
    Outside XXXVIII
    Outside XXXVII
    Outside XXXVI
    Outside XXXV
    Outside XXXIV
    Outside XXXIII
    Outside XXXII
    Outside XXXI
    Outside XXX
    Outside XXIX
    Outside XXVIII
    Outside XXVII
    Outside XXVI
    Outside XXV
    Outside XXIV
    Outside XXIII
    Outside XXII
    Outside XXI
    Outside XX
    Outside XIX
    Outside XVIII
    Outside XVII
    Outside XVI
    Outside 15: There used to be a silly pun here, but it wouldn't fit
    Outside XIV: More animals than you can shake a stick at. Yes the PCs.
    Outside XIII: Spores of Corruption Dance in the Wind
    Outside XII: We number things correctly.
    Outside XI: Bugs are Eating the Landscape
    Outside X: The Rotting Corpses are starting to Smell
    Outside IX: There are Mosquitoes
    Outside VIII: We cater birthday parties
    Outside VII: Open longer than a 7-11
    Outside VI: Now with Locations!
    Outside V: More civilized than Inside
    Outside IV: The Creepy Eyed Squirrel's Domain
    Outside III: Beware the Non-Existant Duck
    Outside II: Now with Menacing Crabs
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