Gabrielle seems deaf to Aisling's words, as she becomes swallowed up in her throng of warm bodies, and the jackhammer base begins to pound again.

The girl can feel hundreds of mortal eyes on her as she leaves the dance floor. As Aisling walks out the door, the bouncer gives a quick double take and calls out, "HEY! How did you..." but Aisling is already halfway down the cue on legs powered by fury. The Gangrel's vision is red hot, nails digging deep into the flesh of her palms instinctively.

Bernardo's face goes pale when he sees her, and he clumsily mumbles, "Is everything okay?"

Spoiler: OOC
So honestly, it seems like the club scene may have been a good point for a Frenzy check, but you kinda played past that (which is totally fine). However I think Aisling gaining the Bestial condition makes sense given how pissed she is, and her Gangrel nature. Sound fair?