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    Default Re: (IC 2) San Francisco by Night: A Requiem in Fog

    Ignoring the bouncer – just another stupid, wretched brute – Aisling made a beeline for Bernardo, seething frustration burning heavy in her chest. It felt like she was suffocating – if such a thing could even happen to a vampire.

    ”No.” Aisling said, mannerisms tense and erratic and expression torn somewhere between rage and grief. It was as if she couldn’t decide what emotion to feel and it was all far too overwhelming.

    ”Gabrielle has decided she does not need us. Me. Anymore.”

    Spoiler: OOC

    Absolutely fair.

    I was thinking it’d be an appropriate time for Frenzy checks as well. I tried to play to that extent, but next time I can toss a roll in if I think it’s appropriate if you’d like.

    I’ll mark it on her character sheet and stat box. It’s an…interesting condition to have. Going to make dealing with her a bit touchier in the immediate future.

    Spoiler: Stat Block

    Humanity: 5
    Willpower: 4/6
    Health 7
    Blood Pool: 7/10
    Beats/EXP: 2/1
    Tilts/Conditions: Bestial

    Spoiler: Aspirations:

    1. Become known to the Kindred so she is safe from predation.
    2a. Reveal the truth behind her past insofar as how it relates to her Sire, the book and Mother Blackstar's interest.
    2b. Learn all the secrets from the Book of Gazren.
    3a. Destroy Mother Blackstar and take what is hers so it can never hurt Aisling again.
    3b. Investigate the attackers to find out who was truly responsible and why.
    3c. Discover the secrets of Cruac.

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