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Dragon Mountain

Very well. I name you Raum, Truthspeaker. Marshall says, and the newly appointed Raum will feel themselves... solidify. The name gives them strength, a connection to the world and a sense of self that nourishes them. It also constrains them, narrowing the possibilities of who they could be and what they could do down, just slightly. In Raum's case (very intentionally, because of how he was named) he'll find it almost impossible to tell a direct lie.

The King bid me here. Marshall confirms, maintaining steady eye contact with Raum. We're here for the dragon.
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[Dragon Mountain]

Naming the bird? What an odd thing to do. Damon is perplexed. And why such a specific name? Very strange. "The King? The ssame myssteriouss creature that hass brought uss all here?" He lets the fire in his hand poof back out. This skeletal bird thing doesn't seem to pose any immediate sort of threat.

But why is it here? Why would it be waiting for the king?

"I would be ssurprissed if there were two powerful magical creaturess hidden in one cave. Are your perhapss what remainss of the dragon?"
[Dragon Mountain]

"There's still a trace of sorcery deeper in," whispers Cass, warning. "This bird is old, as old as everything else in the cave. But there's still something more recent to be mindful of."