[Dragon Mountain]

What a curious creature, and what curious behaviour from Marshall. The power in his actions is completely lost on Damon. It's a little bit too indirect, perhaps, for a creature whose answer to any problem is to throw fire at it. Now that he knows this bird-thing is a pet belonging to the King in Rags, he has little interest in it. He'd be more interested if the king decided to make an appearance, but that's presumably only going to happen when they get this dragon woken up.

Cass' warning, though, well that requires some attention. "Our fellow intruderss? I sshall sscout ahead a little way and ssee what iss in sstore for uss next." The black fire spreads around him, making the shadows loom and concealing him within as he continues down the path, searching carefully for any sign of this other party...or traps. There could definitely be traps of some sort too.