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    Default Re: What to do with random tiny rune cube my player found last night?

    Oh, oh, so many ideas!

    - could be part of a mosaiq or coded message that reveals some super-secret lore that can come in handy later during the campaign (true name of a powerful entity so you can summon/beseech it later, directions to the single-use Vorpal Sword of Slaying, ...)
    - could be key parts to a long-forgotten tomb from a long-lost civilization, or to the lair of an ancient imprisoned lich with untold riches, see above
    - could also be a trap (with some big pay-off, of course). E.g. take the suggestion above, with the cubes being key parts to the imprisoned lich, yet warded against abuse -- somebody wanted to make sure the lich stays locked up even if all keys are found. The trap could either be just that, a simple trap, or an adventure hook all by itself, e.g. a portal to the plane where the prison proper resides

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