[Neon Facility]

It becomes clear in a hurry why Khannie was able to take this thing down on her own without too much trouble.

While the machine is really large and intimidating, its attacks have quite a bit of windup. Khannie is quick on her feet and busy blitzing the monster to prevent it from having any opportunity to counter attack.

Blinded and flailing, it finds its limbs being crippled and slumps over onto the floor with a resounding clang. Khannie hops onto its back, her fist suddenly causing the air around it to waver with intense heat, before plunging it into the machine's spine in a shower of molten metal and sizzling synthetic flesh. The robot twitches a few times and then falls still.

"There, see?" Khannie says with a big grin. "That guy isn't so tough. All the goblins in the next chamber are way worse."

She points at the far wall where a sliding door ostensibly grants access into the next part of the facility.

No doubt one brimming with goblins.

And not the nice sorts of goblins like the ones at school, either. Mean robot goblins!

The door appears to be operated by a simple control pillar standing next to it.