Aquila & Future Aquila

"...god damnit" is all Aquila could really say to such revelations, sounding like he might need a moment to sit down. It all made sense, was just so much WORSE. It seemed that the arrival of their time-traveling friends had altered a lot of things, and some unquestionably for the better. Hearing that he might have caused the current, catastrophic state of the world (however unwittingly) was still a tough pill to swallow, however.

He had wondered for a while now on how bad things could have gotten for him if he hadn't had help...and it seemed those musings had just been answered in rather comprehensive manner. The worst part was, he could see how he would have wound up choosing the same way, under the same circumstances. It was easy to try and blame it on the world, but at some point he was bound to be forced to accept the responsibility for his own choices, as much as they had been pushed on him.

"We are a stupid bastard, aren't we?" he chuckled mirthlessly, idly punching his elder self on the shoulder. "I have met the Knights in my own timeline...I wasn't certain of them, so I asked our time-traveling friends to come along. Lot of them are arrested now, so I hope I can eventually make them see some reason. As for the Hero Corps, Sheema has been encouraging me on that front. Guess she has been right about lot of things" he said with a weak smile. "...I'll make sure it won't come to this next time. I have no idea what future holds for me now that everything has been changed this much, but it can only be better than before. I'm sorry for you, though: you suffered due to circumstances beyond your control while I had help. Universe just isn't fair."

Smiling a little, he lets out a fond sigh. "Still, it has experience. I guess this'll be as close to I can get to having a big brother. I know it won't really be accurate, but...I'll miss you once it is time to go."