This was an unusual combat to start with. Next time I'll start in the Hunting Grounds with something more conventional.

I'm going to start recording status effects in every gm post in a separate spoiler box so I have less to keep track of. Personal stuff you can probably keep track of yourself.

Spoiler: Something like this

Cohesion 11/13

Marines in Solo Mode:

Marines in Squad Mode:

Lead by Example: +6 to all tests for Octavius and anyone in support range who is in squad mode, and Octavius can bestow a reroll on any one test. Reroll includes fel bonus

Dhiiga is frenzied until the end of the combat

-20 to Per tests due to the ship shaking and the screams from outside

Oath of the Emperor +10 to WP, but also

Daemonic Presence: -10 to WP when in 10 metres of the Furies because Daemons are unnerving

Into the Jaws of Hell: Everyone is immune to fear as long as Yngvar is here