[Neon Facility]

The missile ball blasts a pair of the incoming goblins off their feet, but doesn't stop the rest of them from charging toward the door!

"The important part is taking out the guy in the robot thingy first," Khannie says. "Otherwise he just blasts you while you fight all the other goblins."

She flashes a toothy grin at Morne.

"And getting to him is easy, just try to keep the other ones away, okay?"

Then she steps out around the door frame, bereft of cover. And as soon as the goblin in the mech draws a bead on her?


She vanishes in a roiling cloud of darkness, only to pop back into existence behind the mech's rider and delivers tooth-rattling sucker-punch to the side of his head. She follows up with a dizzying right hook to the goblin's jaw, leaving him momentarily confused!

The turret on the mech begins swinging wildly, strafing laser fire without care or aim and catching several goblins!

Looks like Khannie has made an opening!