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    Default Re: [Warhammer 40k] Rogue Trader 2.0 (Homebrew) Playtesting

    Spoiler: Rolls


    Spoiler: Seth, Tech Priest Myrmidon of the Ordo Samadhi

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Forge World - Soldier - On the Hunt (Business) - Temporal Refugee - Arch-Militant

    WS: 42 (+5 advance) 47
    BS: 39
    S: 34
    T: 37 (+5 Forge) 42
    Ag: 40 (+5 Born & Bred) 45
    Per: 37
    Int: 40 (+5 Forge) (+5 advance) 50
    Wp: 37
    Fel: 41 (-5 Forge) 36

    (+5 Intelligence, +5 Toughness, -5 Fellowship)

    Fate: 3/5
    Wounds: 12/12

    Corruption 4

    Aptitudes: Intelligence, Social, Ballistic Skill, Defence, Offence, Strength, Weapon Skill

    Spoiler: Skills

    Common Lore (AdMech, War)
    Dodge +10
    Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech)
    Linguistics (Low Gothic)
    Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (Int)
    Secret Tongue (Military) (Int)
    Trade (Explorator)

    Spoiler: Talents

    Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
    Clues from Crowds
    Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
    Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
    Rapid Reload
    Sound Constitution
    Technical Knock
    Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
    Warp Sense

    Spoiler: Traits

    Born and Bred For Purpose - A forge world character adds an additional +5 bonus to any one characteristic (Ag), and doubles their Toughness bonus for determining their maximum Fatigue.

    Drawback (Temporal Refugee): Whenever you spend a Fate Point, roll a d10. On a 1, the Fate Point is still spent but has no effect.

    Special Ability: Weapon Mastery - Select one class of weaponry (Melee, Thrown, Pistol, Basic, or Heavy). An Arch-Militant gains +10 to hit and +2 damage when using a weapon of this type. In addition to the normal uses of Fate Points, they may spend a Fate Point to apply one of the following qualities to all weapons of their chosen type: Concussive(1), Devastating(1), Felling(5), Piercing (1), Toxic(1). This effect lasts until the start of their next turn. - Using Basic

    Spoiler: Gear

    Common-craftsmanship Power axe and one Common-craftsmanship bolt pistol. Micro-bead, void suit, enforcer light carapace armour, bolt shell keepsake, medikit, manacles. Data-slate full of wanted bounties or arms coffer or 3 doses of stimm.

    Mono-Task Servo Skull (Utility)
    Good-Craftmanship Bionic Senses
    Sentinel Plasma Rifle (Enemies Within 43)
    Power Shield (Enemies Beyond)

    Spoiler: Advances

    +5 WS (100)
    +5 Int (200)
    Common Lore (AdMech) (200)
    Forbidden Lore (Archaoetech) (200)
    Deceive (200)
    Ambidextrous (200)
    Takedown (200)
    Clues from Crowds (200)

    Spoiler: Background

    Seth was born to low origins on one of the Forge Worlds in Segmentum Solar. He was one of the class of people who could normally expect nothing but a life of toil in the forges or worse, to fall victim to one of the Cult Mechanicus' laws and be made into a servitor as a result. Happily for him he was smart enough to avoid that fate and was able to work his way into the lower orders of one of the forges. His background had given Seth a talent for violence and there was a place for such people in the Mechanicus. He was amongst the Auxilia Myrmidon contingent that was part of the Angevain Crusade, and served from the middle to the later parts of that war.

    Later Seth considered himself lucky to have survived as many battles as he did, but he had distinguished himself enough to be selected for special duties by the fledgling Lords Dragon. The new Calixis sector and it's neighboring regions were seen as especially prone to heresies of all types and the new masters of the Lathe systems wished to recruit agents they could rely on to keep their house clean. Often no one suspects a Tech Priest of being anything more than they appear. Seth lacks many visible augmentations outside his voluminous robes, but has otherwise been remade in accordance with his new role. His face is composed of heavy duty sensor equipment and he lacks mechadendrites in order to move quietly when he needs to. He also lacks some of the mental conditioning that is typical of other Tech Priests. It is judged that he should have a greater understanding of people in order to do his job.

    One of Seth's last assignments was to follow a group of Hereteks that were judged to be operating on the fringes of the Calixis sector. Seth's ship was caught in a warp storm on the way and was delayed. When he returned to real space, several hundred years had passed. His superiors argued that his targets or those they trained still lived and he couldn't return until he completed his mission. Over time Seth has come to believe that they're right, although it has now been centuries and it has been much harder to find out wherever they went to ground. Ever since he's been working for various Rogue Traders as a means of traveling across the Expanse and giving him a convenient cover to continue his search.