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We'll see. It still feels like a jarring jump to me, is all. How should i say this... it feels as if the character I know is gone, and replaced by a vaguely similar looking one with a very different personality and skillset. I can't yet say if I like this new main character.
I don't necessarily want to see training montage, is what I mean. But so far, I don't see much continuity between earlier Allison and this Allison. That will hopefully change when we get a few character moments.
Keep in mind that the Allison's we've seen were:

1) Have no clue WTF is going on, scarred out of her mind
2) Lost/Confused, and even if resolved had no real idea what she was getting into
3) Brave and Naive
4) Incubbused

As such - IDK, spend a year acquiring super martial arts and god powers PLUS spending a year getting IDK used to the world (the pre-time split was what, like a couple of days?) and its rythm, I can see someone becoming more assured and self-possessed.