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Is that a PF2 jab? The only reason I can think of to expect an increase in the number of fans is if they flee some other game. Otherwise I'd expect a no-longer supported game to stabilize somewhere and slowly bleed out players as people eventually move on.

I do sometimes think about what I would do differently if I was to try to do the PF treatment to 4e. Would it be better to mostly keep the same game and polish the edges or would it be better to try to take some bigger risks?
Why would it be a PF2 jab?

I know nothing about PF2, including whether or not the playtest is proving to be a success.

However, 4E does solve some of the potential problems of higher level play in 5E so, as those are revealed, I'm simply wondering if some might come back to this former edition. And more obviously, it was built to solve some of the 3.5E problems which might make it attractive to Pathfinder fans. Or not.

NB: You won't get any edition warring from me: Play what you like. But if you like 4E, email me and I'll make sure you get access to the online tools.