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    Default Re: Travels amongst the Border Princes (WFRP 2e) OOC

    Spoiler: Gabriele Markus


    Gabriele 'Gabby' Markus
    Human (Ostlander)
    Mercenary (ex Hunter)

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Gabby is a skinny girl of about 20 with shoulder length black hair and dark skin. Since she's been on the road a long time, her clothing carries the dirt of the countryside on it and she probably hasn't washed recently. This was both to save money but also because in her experience it's easier to travel alone while looking like a peasant. To that same end her sword is stashed in her bedroll, although her knife and longbow are carried openly. She wears a large brown hooded cloak to protect her from the weather and to cover her identity and age as much as possible. Under it she wears a set of well worn men's clothing and a coat adapted from bear fur.

    Spoiler: Personal Details

    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Jet black hair
    Eyes: Black
    Distinguishing Marks: Bronze Skin
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 100lbs (Skinny)
    Star sign: The Gloaming (Sign of Illusion and Mystery)
    Religion: Sigmar
    Birthplace: Wolfenburg, Ostland
    Doooom: The Beast of Brass shall claim thy soul

    Enemy of the State: Defended her family from opportunist soldiers in the refugee camps and killed an officer

    Grandma was a Estelian bounty hunter before settling down, Gabriele carries her sword
    Father, a former Kislevan soldier is missing
    Mother, a former camp follower has remarried
    Stepfather is an Innkeeper in Salkalten
    Klaus is her older brother, 23 - Stevedore
    Linus is her younger brother, 16 - also in Salkalten

    WS: 32 (+10 advances) - 42
    BS: 37 (+5 free advance, +2 advance, Marksman) - 57
    S: 30 (+5 advance) - 35
    T: 31 (+5 advance, Very Resilient) - 41
    Ag: 33 (+5 Lightning Reflexes, +10 advances) - 48
    Int: 33 (+5 advance) -38
    Wp: 32 (+5 Coolheaded) (+5 advance) - 37
    Fel: 32

    A: 1 (+1 advance) - 2
    W: 15/15 (+3 advance) (+1 Hardy)
    5 wounds taken on the left arm from a lizard bite
    8 wounds on the leg from a bandit

    StrB: 3
    TB: 4
    M: 4
    IP: 1 (from Stralwald)
    FP: 3 (+1 as recruiting post)
    -used 1 in a gossip test after the snakeskin
    (Shallya's mercy on T)

    Experience: -/2200 (?)

    Spoiler: Advance Scheme

    BS +15 (taken 3)
    T +5 (taken 1)
    Ag +10 (taken 2)
    Int +5 (taken 1)
    W +3 (taken 3)

    WS +10 (taken 2)
    BS +10
    S +5 (taken 1)
    T +5
    Ag +5
    Wp +5 (taken 1)
    A +1 (taken 1)
    W +2

    Spoiler: Skills

    Common Knowledge (Empire) (Int) (+10 to common knowledge tests involving Ostland)
    Concealment (Ag)
    Dodge Blow (Ag)
    Follow Trail (Int)
    Gamble (Int)
    Gossip (Fel)
    Haggle (Fel)
    Outdoor Survival (Int)
    Perception (Int)
    Search (Int)
    Secret Signs (Ranger) (Int)
    Silent Move (Ag)
    Speak Language (Reikspiel) (Int)

    Animal Care (Int)
    Charm (Fel)
    Command (Fel)
    Consume Alcohol (T)
    Disguise (Fel)
    Drive (Str)
    Evaluate (Int)
    Intimidate (Str)
    Row (Str)
    Scale Sheer Surface (Str)
    Swim (Str)

    Spoiler: Talents

    Acute Hearing: (+20 Per tests involving hearing)
    Coolheaded: (+5 Wp)
    Hardy (+1 W)
    Lightning Reflexes: (+5 Ag)
    Marksman: (+5 BS)
    Sharpshooter You can make aimed shots at +20 rather than +10
    Specialist Weapon (Longbow:
    Quick Draw:
    Rover: (+10 to Silent Move and Concealment tests in rural locations)
    Rapid Reload: (Halve reload times)
    Very Resilient: +5 T

    Spoiler: Gear

    Common clothing consisting of a shirt, breeches, and worn boots,
    a tattered cloak,
    a dagger tucked in a belt,
    a sling
    a bag
    containing a blanket, a wooden tankard, a wooden cutlery set,
    a sword
    purse with 12 GC (-3s)
    Longbow with 10 Arrows (-1)
    2 Animal Traps
    Antitoxin kit

    And see money notes for expenses

    Mercenary Gear
    Crossbow with 10 bolts
    Medium Armour (Mail Shirt Leather Jack)
    Healing Draught

    Colten's gun -

    Spoiler: Money Notes

    12 gold originally - 6 gold from Bernice - 2 s for the hares - 40 gold from Alyssa = 46gc 2s

    Fishing line 3s
    Bath x 2 2s
    Inn x 4 40s
    Light drinking x 2 4p
    20 Arrows x 2 4s
    Common Clothing 1gc
    Best Clothing 8gc
    Poor Clothing x 3 30s
    -12gc, 19s, 4p

    2 Beers at Stralwald

    Plus food costs

    Gave 1 silver to Berry

    8gc for a month's wages after the battle of stralwald

    Room at the Barrel and 1-2 beers after the castle dinner

    Lost 1 silver playing darts

    a letter of credit with the Tesoro Bank for 50 Tilean crowns

    Galeazzo mercenary pay

    Le Houet pay
    7gc 16s

    Spoiler: Background

    Why are you in the Border Princes?

    Gabriele left Ostland in a hurry after a violent encounter with a group of deserters on the road to Salkalten. The soldiers had intended to rob her and her family but she and her brothers were able to drive them off with their bows. Later she heard that one of the men she had killed was an officer and she was accused of murder. As she drifted south she tried to disappear amongst the northern refugees who sought a safer life in the southern Empire. There were frankly too many soldiers for her to be entirely comfortable and too many people in the cities generally. Places like Altdorf were nice enough to visit but to live there she would need to learn the sort of work that she had no interest in doing. In the countryside she could at least look after herself.

    Somewhere around Nuln she heard a discussion in a tavern of the Border Princes and the wealth that was there to be made for anyone willing to cross the mountains. The idea of seeing what was outside the Empire appealed to her, and currently she has no reason to stay. Even if the stories of all the wealth to made in the Border Princes are a lie, she is confident enough to believe that there will be a demand for anyone able to handle themselves as a tracker and scout.

    Where are you from?

    Gabriele was born in Wolfenburg the capital of Ostland to lower middle class parents but moved to the cheaper village of Grenzburg when she was very young. Having seen the ruins of Wolfenburg after the war, she is very grateful for that now. Grenzburg was a village on the edges of the Forest of Shadows that grew up around a Sigmarite monastery and her parents opened a store there to cater to travelers on the Wolfenburg road.

    What is your family like?

    Gabriele's immediate family were traders but had a more adventurous youth that she admires. Her Kislevite father was a former soldier in the Tsarina's armies, but her mother and grandma lived a life on the road and in military camps. Grandma Elena, from which Gabriele has inherited a name and her appearance, was a much traveled former mercenary from Estalia. Before her death a few years ago she had taught Gabriele how to use a bow. Her mother was born in a military camp and grew up on the road, but has tried to leave all this behind since she married and became a trader.

    During the war Gabriele's father went missing attempting to defend the village from raiders during the evacuation. Gabriele has never seen him since. After their time in the Wurzen refugee camp, her mother and younger brother have headed north to take shelter with a family friend in Salkalten. Gabriele was less than happy with this decision as she viewed it as giving up any chance of seeing her Dad again.

    What is your social class?

    The Markus family was lower middle class by career but was doing less well financially in the last few years. Gabriele doesn't have much of an education due to her families lack of money.

    What did you do before becoming an adventurer?

    In Grenzburg she supplemented her families income by hunting and sometimes selling the meat and pelts. During and after the war she's been struggling to get by.

    Why did you become an adventurer?

    Gabriele was going to go with her family to look after them on the road north, but due to an encounter with soldiers she ended up killing an officer. Her mother advised her to flee Ostland before someone came looking.

    How religious are you?

    Grew up around a Sigmarite monastery where she attended services in the church. Was less interested until the invasion where her family was saved by Sigmarite Templars. Now sees Sigmar as important due to it's opposition to Chaos.

    Friends and Enemies

    -Her dog Yuri and a handful people her own age from Grenzberg or the Wurzen refugee camp
    -Anyone connected to the officer she killed.

    What are your prized possessions?

    All of her weapons are gained from various relations. Her dog was gained from her father.

    Who are you loyal to?

    Her family even when they frustrate her. The Church of Sigmar and to a lesser extent anyone who opposes Chaos.

    Who do you love / hate?

    Spoiler: Notes

    -Born in Wolfenberg the capital of Ostland but moved to the cheaper countryside when she was younger, something that Gabriele is grateful for now following the war.
    -Grandma taught her how to shoot before she died
    -Dad helped defend the village when everyone evacuated. No one has seen him since and he is presumed dead
    - Mum and little brother have taken shelter with an old friend in Salkalten who has enough money to put them up.
    -Gabriele has heard they intend to marry and is unhappy about it
    -Was going to go with them because it's at least better then the refugee camps, but the incident involving (Enemy of the State) happened and she was forced to leave Ostland in a hurry.
    -Subsequently has drifted far enough south to decide to make the crossing into the border princes. She's at home in the wilderness and can at least get work hunting game.

    Family Notes
    -Grandma Elena was an Estelian Bounty Hunter (ex Bodyguard, ex Diestro) who settled down with an Engineer (ex Student) in the capital of Ostland

    Spoiler: Advances

    xp around Nov 2018 - 200? (Caravan attack)
    Maybe 600 around May 2019 (Red Temple)
    Another 600xp in IC 1 - Nov 2019 (Volcano cult)
    400 xp in June 2021 (Stralwald)
    400 xp in August 2022 (Dwarf mines)
    400xp in October 2023 (Post return from Inselberg)

    xp: 2200 spent / 400

    Free Advance +5 BS
    +5 Ag (100)
    Marksman (100)
    Very Resilient (100)
    +5 T (100)
    +5 Ag (100)
    +5 Int (100)
    +5 BS (100)
    +1 W (100)
    +5 BS (100)
    +2 W (200)
    Hardy (100)
    Mercenary Career (200)

    +10 WS (200)
    Dodge Blow (100)
    +5 Str (100)
    +1 A (100)
    +5 Wp (100)
    Sharpshooter (100)
    Ride (100)

    Gamble 100xp
    Haggle 100xp
    Disarm 100xp
    Quick Draw 100xp


    Ale cost

    1 GC for mine bribe

    Gambling losses - 7 silver Aug 23