Carl had been happy to make himself useful as a guard during the trip and also chat idly with his travelling companions. By Halfling standards he was rather dour and stiff but that still made him talkative and good humoured by human standards. The Halfling soldier had been somewhat startled to find that one of his fellow travelers was not just an Elf but a magician as well and it had taken considerable restraint not to pester Torendil into showing some tricks (more than once a day anyway.)

Having stood close to Beaumont when the attack happened Carl found himself instinctively reaching for a weapon - his soldier's experience temporarily pushing away the shock and grief at seeing the likable man die. Though 'Bertha', his beloved handgun was the most powerful weapon he had Carl instead grabbed for his sling. Shot was expensive and rare and he might need the extra kick of a handgun elsewhere!

"Esmerelda and Sigmar, I'd like a little help if you can!" Carl murmured in prayer to the Halfling goddess and the patron of the Empire before letting a smooth stone fly from his sling towards the nearest mutant.

Spoiler: Actions
Ready Sling (Free Action thanks to Quick Draw talent)

Aim (Half Action)
Shoot Nearest Mutant (Half Action): (1d100)[84] vs 68 (BS 48 +20% for Aim with the Sharpshooter talent.)
Damage: (1d10+4)[11] (3 for Sling + 1 for Mighty Shot.)