Trick or Treating

"I'm glad you enjoy them. Things like that are quite easy to produce." The monopod smiles, and will close the door.

Khannie sees a forest! Not just any forest, but a huge forest. There's towering trees, stretching up to block the sky, and looking down reveals the ground isn't in sight either. Light comes from a variety of sources- massive green fruit growing on the trees emit a sickly glow, whilst blue jellyfish-like things drift among the branches, pulsing every so often and occasionally disappearing into the mouths of six-legged furry things with flaps of skin linking their legs together like a flying squirrel's. The squirrels don't glow, and are only seen by the light of everything else, so it's hard to determine their colour. Everything's so alien it's hard to determine size, but the 'squirrels' look very big- horse-sized, maybe?