Otyugh, Lifeleech

In which I turn out to be still alive.

Anyways: the lifeleech otyugh, which at first glance seems like another entry in the MM3's proud line of 'MM monsters with more HD and one weird quirk'.

However, unlike the regular otyugh this critter is actually interesting. All stats, especially strength, have received a huge boost. Furthermore, the lifeleech has much better speed, more natural attacks that all hit harder, higher AC, fast healing 5, and an ability that lets you freely heal from spells cast on others. The last ability isn't that significant, but getting a free Heal every time the party cleric casts it on someone is nice. (Side quandry: does a slain lifeleech otyugh get raised if a nearby cleric casts Raise Dead?)

However, 9 aberration HD is an awful lot, and the creature's traits are in my opinion not impressive enough to justify +0 LA. -0 LA, though in a 'not terrible but insufficient' way rather than a 'completely unplayable' way.