Widow Miller was apparently busy in her home waiting for Guro to return, as Ferrin's question is unanswered for a moment or two while the woman re-approaches the window to speak to you. She gives Ferrin a curious look at his question. "Of course I can. I'm living on my own, aren't I? May I ask as to why you need me to do it?"

As Guro approaches the bush with axe in hand, he hears a subtle shifting in the leaves, and the long, thin blade of a rapier emerges from the bushes, pointing cautiously at his chest. "That's close enough," speaks a soft, feminine voice. "I'm not here to hurt you, but I'm not coming out of cover, understand?" Before Guro can even give an answer, the voice continues. "I am Deriel Rethslane, ranger and warden to the woods of Cormanthor, and your kind are not known to these trees. You are obviously no friend to the Red Plumes, but what business brings you to finding this halfling?" As Guro looks a ltitle closer, he can now see the form of a female elf hiding inside the bushes. She's quite a bit shorter than other elves Guro has seen, especially compared to Olisandra. Her eyes are filled with a steeled determination, and the point of her rapier stays perfectly still.