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    Deriel sighs and looks for a moment to the unfortunate halfling still laying in the stream. "Do not think me cruel, but ... as I have mentioned, I currently have no allies here. If I were to hope to rescue the halflings, I would need to find people who similarly would care to go against the Red Plumes. Those kinds are rarely found this close to Hillsfar. I stayed here with the intention to contact anyone who would go searching for the Tinfellows. A plan which has performed its function, as now it has led me to you." She shifts slightly inside the bush, causing it to rustle. "I do not think whoever is rebuilding the farm now would appreciate an elf stalking nearby, so here I stayed, just out of sight."
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    This seems like a really cool concept, so I feel like you're going to get a lot of applications. Best of luck sorting through them all. That said, I'm going to do my part to make your job that much harder by adding one to the stack.