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"Crucible" would probably be better for what they mean.
Woolsey they ain't. Unless you consider "Stigma Stigma" and "Judgment Divine Judgment" charming...

In other news, I finished the II event (now, of course), and I was pretty surprised that Team II is actually...pretty good at surviving. I mean...sure, they lack buffs to ATK or MAG (other than what they can bring), but I was pretty amazed that I could finish an A++ battle with a Realm Team, considering II isn't one of my better realms. I mean...it's no XV (where everything I have is NocNoc, and I can't bear to level him other than send him to fish...) or Type-0 (number of SB relics = zero, nope, nada, nyet, you get the idea), but it's not robust either (no VI, no Tactics). It's...sorta like V, where there's a few key relics, but none of them make a groundbreaking team, mostly because one of them is lagging behind.

In V, it's Faris. (She's my breaker, but the only relic she has to her belonging is a very old ATK/MAG SB, and she can do the exact same thing every time with Crushing Tango, minus the pitiful attack). In II...it's the mages. Any mage, really. Maria has NO relics that belong to her, and to make ends meet, I had to take the Emperor's Cloak, so that at least I could get a mage-related item. Turns out...that's making the team surprisingly resilient.

I mean...sure, it's quite likely that these Green Dragons were super-easy, but I've had to fight bosses that are insanely harder, and these guys...well, they were pretty easy to deal with, IMO. Even when it was a duo. (Perhaps it's BECAUSE they're a duo, and not on the lines of "tanky flunkies"?). Despite the lack of heavy-hitting relics (other than Leon's Ultra, if you squint a little bit), the team not only managed to survive, but actually WIN. That's a pretty surprising achievement, if I may say so.

Spoiler: Party Compo
Firion, lv. 99; Sun Blade (II), Greg's Guise, Hilda's Chalice; Demonsblood R4, Lifesiphon R4; Ace Striker
the Emperor, lv. 80; Zeus' Mace, Emperor's Cloak, Poison Ring; Dark Zone R3, Memento Mori R2; True Madness
Gordon, lv. 80; Trident (II), Minwu's Bulwark, Auron's Jug; Full Break R4, Wrath R5; Battleforged
Minwu, lv. 80; Healing Staff (II), Light Robe (II), Necrophobe's Cape; Curada R4, Holy R3; Healer's Prayer II
Leon, lv. 86; Longinus, Caesar's Plate, Toxin Armlet; Crimson Cross R3, Mark of Darkness R3; Arcane Secrets
RW: Tyro (Divine Veil Grimoire)
Magicite: Enkidu lv. 99; Taharka lv. 99, Bottomswell lv. 99, Enki lv. 99, Wing Raptor lv. 99

As you can see, I have a few II armor pieces, but not enough to cover everyone (and I skipped the Thief's Gloves from Leila, in fact). Everyone but the Emperor had a realm weapon. No one has LM (Minwu could have had, but I haven't filled his USB). This is already a sign of trouble.

The SBs, however, are where you'll notice the key difference:
Firion: Weaponsmaster (BSB)
the Emperor: Prison of Sorrow (SSB)
Gordon: Egil's Blaze (BSB), A Leader Wakes (USB)
Minwu: Basuna VI (default), Will of the White Mage (SSB), Light of Mysidia (USB)
Leon: Dark Knight's Charge (BSB), Lord of Darkness (USB)

That means I have 3 Ultras for the team, three Bursts...and what helped me carry the battle actually was teh presence of the Supers. I kid you not. That, and the BSBs were extremely useful (for those people that say Bursts are dying? Think again.) Now, how did that work?

  • Firion had Demonsblade, so he could do some AoE damage, but he was hitting with speed. He used Weaponmaster about 7 or so times, meaning he was spamming MBlink. That helped me eat through the Venom Mist [S}breath weapon[/S] spells (!?). Plus, Chain Launch, despite hitting for less than 1K per hit, still managed to do something.
  • The Emperor's Prison of Sorrow hits only one target, but it provides Radiant Shield. As you know, this is one part of a turtling strategy, and...it did exactly that. Because of Memento Mori, it also helped me to gauge when to refire my RW. I only ate one unbuffed attack before it was refilled.
  • Gordon as a breaker is heavily understated. His Ultra helped a lot to compensate for Venom Mist's Poison damage by overwriting with Major Regen, and the ATK/MAG/MND helped reduce both kinds of damage. His BSB, of course, grants Last Stand, which is invaluable for turtling strategies.
  • Minwu...well, I tried to use his USB, but it wasn't a good idea. He was healing, but most importantly, he was absolutely spamming his SSB; being an IC Medica, it means it healed everyone really fast. It helped Gordon go from almost dead (having spent his Last Stand) to recharging his BSB.
  • Leon made good use of his USB (to spam Crimson Cross) and BSB (to boost Attack). He was the main damage dealer, aside from the few provisions from the Emperor, and he was still dealing somewhere between the lines of 3k per hit, so it's nowhere near as close as Orlandeau, or Terra, or Tidus with Chaser, or Ashe with BSB...you get the idea. Still, it was more than enough.

So, basically, they're a very effective turtling team, having: a) Last Stand, b) Radiant Shield, c) a very effective Medica. For a team that often lacks a Summoner (the Emperor is the closest thing to one) and a Dancer (the team only NOW has a Dancer on Hilda, and it isn't even 5*!), meaning AoE battles are a chore, this...actually worked fine.