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Q313: Still working on the same Unbodied, trying to think of a non-possession, non-action-eating method of communication. What options exist for that? I was considering the case of if I'm stuck in my refuge object, or just general floating around in it with (hopefully) allies, and I just realized that as far as I can tell I wouldn't have any free action talking by default if I did that.

Q314: Does using the possession action require you to not be possessing anyone/thing at the moment? Like if I was willing passively possessing one ally, and another willing ally was next to him, could I transfer the possession with my standard action without having to do the free leave action?
A313: You know, that was a bit of an oversight. Errata: you can speak in your normal voice while in your refuge object
(might need to be expanded to cover object possession in general, but definitely in the refuge object at minimum)

A314: Starting a new possession will end a previous one but I do not believe there is anything requiring you to formally end one possession before making another attempt. The distinction is fairly trivial since ending one is a free action anyhow.

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Forgot to number my question, sorry.
A314: No, they are shield like weapons, but as far as I recall the intent of that talent was only to grant actual shields (buckler, light, heavy, tower).