Sorry, I wasn't disagreeing, just... Language is stupid sometimes.

New chapter stuff.
No, Senku, you won't convince me that your stun gun would work. Your battery just isn't good enough. Also, again, you did not have time to prep that
Everything is wrapping up mostly nicely and we go straight to arc three..
Say.. Didn't they keep the shards sorted before or am I misremembering things? But... Interesting first revival. I feel like mangaka often allure to their work if they can. Usually in a negative way. Poor guys.

Also, wow, you're trying really hard to redeem what amounts to a mass murderer, story... I checked if it might be because of the popularity poll but he didn't rank that high there.
Also also, I kind of suspected that hook for the next arc but honestly, it felt too unlikely for me. I guess I was wrong. So we get an expedition next?