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Two questions about the archetype Planar Extremist.

Q16A: So what is the total duration of bloodrage per day? 1 minute per druid level, or (1 minute per druid level) times (a total of five times)?

Q16B: As we know, a bloodline gives the following things: feats, spells and powers. What exactly does the Planar Extremist get, during his bloodrage-without-other-bloodrage-benefits?
A: Looks like it should be the latter. It makes no sense to say that you can spend it non-consecutively if you can only do it once per day. It's awkwardly worded, but that seems to be the RAW.

B: "As if she were a bloodrager of her druid level." Pretty clear to me--you get every feature of the associated bloodline, up to your druid level, while the bloodrage is active. You just don't actually get the direct benefits/penalties of bloodrage itself (other than qualifying as being *in* bloodrage, I guess?)