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Don't get me wrong, I loved 3.5E and had some of my best campaigns using it as a system (and I've been running D&D since 1981) but I got tired of the workload.

I still consider 4E as the edition that best fulfils the implied promise of the D&D we thought we were getting as teens in the early 80s: Big damn heroes going on big damn adventures. It's obviously not perfect, but it's the most cinematic edition yet.
Same here. I loved, and still do love, building a 3.5 character! It's in-depth and crunchy and has a million moving parts. It's the same thrill as, say, tearing apart a clock to learn how it works.

I just don't have the energy to build 10 new and unique clocks each week to run a game.

Also agreed on the Big Damn Heroes aspect. My group quickly got tired of low-level 3.5, to the point where most of our games started at level 5. Unfortunately, as those who advocate for the E6 format well know, 3.5 works its best between levels 1-6, maybe up to 10. 4e's ability to let us play competent characters from the get-go, and powerful ones eventually, while the system stayed solid and balanced? Amazing!

That said, I'm not actually playing 4e these days.

Mostly I play 13th Age, for the same BDH feel, and the same feeling of competence. It's not as precisely balanced, but it's pretty good, and the classes are more unique. But it also adds in more freeform elements, like freeform skill and ritual systems.

But man, I still love 4e. It's what got me to really enjoy GMing. I need to play some more soon.