Very incremental progress- I'm talking like 1% on torment level.

II: probably more quantity than quality
III: one burst, a good one, but still
IV-Palom boosts, but possibly redundant
V-an element boost armor but not what I was hoping for
VI: +10 magic for Terra
VII: Yuffie and Tifa pack more punch. Still could have used more Cloud/Zack though
VIII: another one that's probably more quantity, but the +10 for Fujin has turned out to be pretty sweet
XII: great, although maybe could have used a bit more focus.
XIII: snow buff but dupes elsewhere
XV: Aranea usb has been great but it makes me want the other relics even if for +stats
0: Queen is interesting, but I don't know that I have room on thunder.

XIV, X, and IX have events coming so I'll probably wait and see on those. I and XI don't seem to be a huge hurry and the small pools are both a blessing and a curse. Tactics is tempting, yet dupe heavy.

Certainly I'm hoping the 33 draw helps, and there will be some LDs.