In another Daily Draw adventure...I got a 1*. A lowly Leather Cap that has barely any worth. However, based on the probabilities of getting one, it's a rare find. Thus, in order to test the effects of a 1* on the Realm Draw pulls, I went for a pretty inconspicuous pull. That being...the XV banner.

Now, you may ask, why did I make a pull on a banner for a realm I couldn't care any less? Well, it's still data, and it's not like I haven't gotten anything for it. Might as well sacrifice 15 Mythril in the name of science. The results?

2/11, ONE DISCO, no dupes, and a face of utter shock.

  • Noctis' Sword of the Father! Also known as "nerfed THUNDER GOD mode". It's his OSB, which grants Armiger mode, which grants you HQC and a boost to long as you can keep up the HP Bubble. And, lo and behold, it's a 30% bubble, so it's gonna burst the first moment I get a hit. Hooray...
  • Noctis' Bronze Bangle...wha!? What's with DeNA trying to hog me stuff for Old Man Galuf and now NocNoc the Emo Prince!? The ONLY five relics I got for XV, and ALL OF THEM are for NocNoc*. What in everloving heaven is that supposed to mean? ...Anyways, it's his LMR, and one of the few LMs that provides Dualcast COMBAT. That means a chance to doublecast Lifesiphon, which should be hilarious, but also doublecast Full Charge, and Crashdown, and...*gasp*, Omega Drive! ...But it also bursts with a bubble, this time being a 100% HP Bubble. Again: it'd be nicer if it lasted for longer, but once the bubble pops, you're pretty much screwed. Hooraay...

Results? If I could care any better for NocNoc, I'd be ecstatic. I'd be...what, one relic short of Complete NocNoc? (I'd be missing his Glint, IIRC) As it stands, it's a bunch of relics that'll gather dust, except MAAAAYBE the Bronze Bangle, because it's XV armor...and it's a bangle, so it's not like it's gonna beat Orlandeau's extra-pimped Cloak, Tyro's Frock Coat, or Greg's heavy armor. Those are my standards.

*The fifth relic is the Engine Blade. Shared, but it's essentially NocNoc's starting weapon.