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Psychic Strike
Your sneak attack damage dice deal [psychic] damage.
Can this be turned off if you run into something immune to psychic?

Minor Shadowcraft
Starting at 3rd level when you select this archetype, you can use an object interaction to manifest or dismiss a shadowcraft, which appears as a pitch-black object wreathed in shadows. A shadowcraft must be an object or collection of related objects of no more than Medium size, and can be any weapon or armor, a mundane object or piece of equipment you are familiar with, or a vehicle or structure such as a coracle, cart, or tent. To manifest a shadowcrafted weapon, armor, vehicle, or tool kit, you must be proficient in its use. To manifest a unique item, such as the key to your jail cell, you must be familiar with the item (the DM decides if you are sufficiently familiar with an item to copy it).

You can maintain up to three shadowcrafts at a time, but a shadowcraft item vanishes one round after it leaves your immediate possession. You can dismiss any of your shadowcrafts with a thought (no action required). A shadowcraft item always manifests either properly equipped on your person, in your hand, or at your feet. You cannot make an attack by manifesting an item (for example, by trying to drop the item on someone), although if you manifest a shadowcraft weapon you can use it to attack normally. If you manifest a ranged weapon it can manifest its own ammunition and you do not need to spend actions to reload it.

As an action, you can augment one of your shadowcrafts with special power so that it acts as a common or uncommon magic item. To augment a magic item you must be able to meet any prerequisites for its use. You can augment any appropriate item from the Dungeon Masterís Guide, plus items from other sources at the DMís discretion. You can manifest or dismiss your augmented item as often as you like until you complete a long rest. If the item requires attunement you are automatically attuned to it and it does not count against your limit of attunable items. If the item is a single-use or charged item, then you can no longer manifest it once its charges or uses are expended.

You regain your use of this ability whenever you complete a long rest, allowing you to augment a different item or restore the charges or uses of your existing augmented item.
So... I can make shadowcraft poison? Healing potions? Gauntlets of Ogre Power? +1 weapons? Ooh, I know-- how 'bout a Wand of Magic Missile for a guaranteed 9d4+9 points of burst damage? Or an Elemental Gem. Why yes, I would like to summon three CR 5 minions every day, thankyouverymuch.

I highly recommend not letting you make magic items, or at least limit them to a specific list. They're... really not balanced by rarity at all, doubly so when you can replace consumable items every morning. Not only that, but the sheer power of the ability overtakes everything else-- you're going from "a Rogue who sometimes makes stuff out of shadows" to "hi, I'm the party artificer." I'd rework this to be more "I can make this useful tool" and less crafting.

Also: where do conjured items wind up? Do they have to be in your hand? Adjacent? Within 30ft? I see that they disappear in one round if you're not touching them, but that's long enough to, say, block a door from across the room... You might also specify a check for creating complicated items-- Int (Artisan's Tools), maybe.

Minor quibbles: I don't see "object interaction" as an official action very often; might be easier to default to bonus. Also, a medium-sized cart?

Improved Shadowcraft
Upon reaching 9th level you can maintain up to four shadowcrafts and may augment two of them as common, uncommon, or rare magical items. You can manifest shadowcrafts of up to Large size, such as a chariot, rowboat, or yurt.

At 13th level, you can maintain up to five shadowcrafts, and may augment three of them as common, uncommon, rare, or very rare items. You can manifest shadowcrafts of up to Huge size, such as a wagon, raft, or small house.
More and bigger stuff is cool; more powerful magic, not so much. At this point I'd suggest some rules about trapping people in conjured cages and the like. (M&M's Create effect might be a mechanical starting point)

At 13th level, you learn to make a special attack when you are wielding a shadowcraft weapon. As an Attack action, you direct your shadowcraft weapon (or ammunition if it is a ranged weapon) to split into multiple parts or fire multiple pieces of ammunition, making one weapon attack against each foe you threaten (or each foe within 30 feet if using a ranged or thrown weapon).

You can use this ability twice. You regain your uses of this ability whenever you complete a short or long rest.
A bit weird as an Attack action, but I like it.

Legendary Shadowcraft
Upon reaching 17th level, you can maintain up to six shadowcrafts and one of the magic items you create can be a legendary magic item. You can manifest shadowcrafts of up to gargantuan size, such as a galley, sailing ship, or mansion.[/QUOTE]
How does "your immediate possession" work when you're making a mansion? The bigger these things get, the more I think there needs to be some sort of usage limit.


Overall, I adore this idea. It's a lot for a D&D character, but it looks like it would be incredibly fun to play. And... possibly overshadow other players? I have a feeling you'll feel more like a superhero than a mage... it might be better to focus on making more complicated smaller things (shadow horses, animated weapons, cloaks that help you hide, etc) than really big things.