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    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    That's a good idea--otherwise you run into the question of "why do they suddenly forget how to do normal sneak attack?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    "But I'm not making an attack, I'm just making a cage. It's not even coming close to them, look!" I'd like to see some rules for this sort of thing because it helps make the class even more creative-- and because players are 100% going to try to figure out how to use figments in combat.
    I have added an additional paragraph of legal boilerplate to the base ability, and reorganized it so that the first paragraph addresses basic functionality, the second lists requirements you must meet, and the third describes things you cannot do. I tried to find a nuanced way to include poison that wasn't several paragraphs on its own, but it was more work than it was worth so I just banned poisons and all biologicals.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    "The temple is flooding? Let me just shadowcraft a scroll of Water Breathing.
    Technically to make that scroll you've need a 5-level dip in a class that had water breathing on its class list. But I take your point. There are no full-list casters like the 3.5 beguiler that have an arsenal of tricks at the ready in 5e. Access to such a broad array of effects is by itself a significant source of power that I hadn't considered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    Look at Uncommon Items, for example-- you've got everything from fluffy garbage like Wind Fans and Brooches of Shielding to game-changers like Brooms of Flying and Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Rare items can be as minor as a Folding Boat and as major as a Wand of Fireballs.
    I am attempting now to go back and benchmark the most powerful item in each rarity class and use those as the determiners for when things should become available. I am noticing that the big offenders tend to be staffs, wands, wondrous items that improve an ability score, and bardic instruments.

    A number of changes are now implemented for augmented shadowcrafts.
    • The rules for augmenting shadowcrafts are now much simpler.
    • Access to magic items other than weapons, armor, and single-use items is delayed by one ability tier. In particular, this eliminates a broad spectrum of uncommon utility items from gameplay at levels 3-8.
    • Access to staffs and wands is is delayed by two ability tiers.
    • Access to bardic instruments and items that permanently set or improve ability scores is banned.
    • Several options that are not simply a duplicated magical item have been introduced.
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