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Thread: Home 24: A house in this market?

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    [St Lazarusís Apartment]

    Fidelia nods, taking a sip herself... and pauses as Reed inquires further, setting the glass down gently before taking a shaky breath. "I... I'm not sure just how... comfortable I am, talking about it." The page thinks for a brief moment or two. Well, Jen did trust this woman enough to share her address.... "But... I will try."

    And so, after a second to collect herself, she speaks again. "I used to be a street urchin, surviving as best I could in Skyside. I was little better than a wild animal then... I fought, I stole, I killed, and I scavenged, all just to live another day. And then... my luck ran out." Fidelia's quiet voice began to waver. "A-a group of men, they... they cornered me, b-beat me senseless when I killed one of them. She clenches her fist, taking another shaky breath in an attempt to keep it together even as her voice wells up with anguish and it all comes pouring out.

    Spoiler: spoilered because slightly vivid implications of, well, sexual trauma
    "T-they... hurt me. So, so much. Did... things to me, made me bleed, again and again, no matter how many times I begged and pleaded and screamed, until I could beg and scream and bleed no more. T-then they dragged me, out into the street, to... discard me. Kill me, toss me into the gutter, l-let the rats feast." It's then that Fidelia seems to realize how worked up she's gotten, notice the speed of her breathing and the rise of her normally soft voice to a relatively louder crescendo. She takes another couple of moments to calm herself, soothe her trembling form and wipe... were those tears? had... had she been crying and not even realized it?

    "And that's... that's when Jenette found me. She killed them, gave those bastards a kinder fate than they ever deserved, and saved my life. I... I owe her my life. I owe her everything." A small smile forms as she looks back up at Calm Reed. "I just want to repay her... repay all she's done for me, and repay what she continues to do for me."

    Tina's Place

    Another quiet laugh, and Cantata shakes her head. Pointing towards herself and then sending a focused look towards Fettina, she chuckles and shakes her head - Her, charm Fettina? not a chance. She moves to follow the attempt to convey this point with text, typing If anything, I'd say you... before her fingers pause, and an audible gasp slips from her lungs.

    The awed look on Cantata's face says it all as she gazes wordlessly at the lavish decor and beautiful fountain - wow. She'd seen many beautiful places in her time... but they were mostly swanky clubs and gorgeous ballrooms, state houses and a couple truly luxurious hotels. None of them approached this sort of aesthetic. Tina's place felt welcoming and tranquil, not loud and ostentatious. So it wasn't hard at all for the chrome-skinned pianist to take the songstress by the hand and lead her onwards, the woman still following in a slight stupor. Anything you might suggest. She attempts to flirt, trying to recover.
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