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    Fighter Martial Archetype - Destined Warrior
    You are a warrior of legend, your birth was preordained by the stars millennia ago.

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    Fighter Martial Archetype - Destined Warrior
    You are a warrior of legend, your birth was preordained by the stars millennia ago. From the day of your birth you looked upon those stars for guidance and strength, and you have noticed an extra twinkle from them that no one else seemed to be able to see. In times of trouble they always lent you strength and support.

    Marks of the Destined Warrior
    At 3rd level, you gain visible astral marks on your body denoting the constellations. These marks can be anywhere on your body, but are clearly noticeable. Each of these marks allows you to call upon the stars support in your daily life. You gain three astral abilities granted from the stars. You can switch these abilities when you level up as a fighter as long as you meet all prerequisites. At level 7, 10, and 15 you gain an additional astral ability.

    Weapon of the Chosen One
    At level 7, you gain an the ability to transform a weapon through your astral abilities. After a 10 minute ritual, the weapon begins to sparkle and glow as if in starlight. The weapon provides 20 feet bright light and 20 feet dim light and it has the ability to hit creatures on the astral or spectral plane. The chosen one may summon this weapon into their hands as part of an object interaction, and once per long rest they can sheath the blade in astral energy causing it to do an extra 1d8 radiant energy for 1 minute.

    Astral Assistance
    At level 10, you have learned to draw upon the lifeblood of the stars. You may spend one minute in quiet meditation as starlight slowly gathers around you. After completion of the meditation, you regain 1d10 * proficiency mod in hit points. This ability can be used again after you have completed a long rest.

    Resilience of the Fated One
    You are the fated one, and the fated one continues fighting against all odds. Once per day, at level 15, when you receive damage causing you to fall below 0 HP, you may choose to remain conscious and continue fighting. During this time, you can act normally, but you continue to make death saving throws. If you fail three death saves you immediately fall over dead. If you succeed in three death saving throws, you regain 1 HP.

    Astral Transformation
    At level 18, once per day, you can absorbs the essences of the stars into yourself as a bonus action. For one minute, you glow with an astral light. During that time you gain Truesight to 120 feet and resistance to piercing, slashing, bludgeoning, and radiant damage.
    Astral Abilities

    • Capricorn, the Goat You have advantage on Strength and Dexterity checks and saving throws made against effects that would knock you prone.
    • Aquarius, the Water bearer You may cast the spell Create/Destroy Water 5 times per long rest.
    • Pisces, the Fish You gain a swimming speed equal to your walking speed and the ability to breath underwater
    • Astral When you use a dash action and move at least 20 feet straight towards a target, you can make melee ramming attack with your shoulder. This attack does 1d6+strength bludgeoning damage and the target must make a strength saving throw or be knocked prone (DC 8+Prof Mod+Str Mod).
    • Gemini, the Twins Requirement: Level 5. Once per short rest you may cast the Mirror Image spell.
    • Cancer, the Crab You gain a carapace of natural armor surrounding you. This carapace grants you an armor class of 17 and can be used with a shield. This is not affected by Dex bonuses.
    • Leo, the Lion You gain the lions natural stalking and leaping abilities. You gain advantage on all stealth checks and can make a long jump of 25 feet with a 10 foot running start without a skill check.
    • Virgo, the Virgin You gain the purity of the celestial virgin, you learn the ability to cast the spell Purify Food and Drink at will.
    • Scorpius, the Scorpion Requirement: Level 7. You have embraced the scorpions, you gain resistance to poison damage and are not affected by the poisoned condition
    • Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer A spectral snake wraps itself around your weapon, biting as you hit with an attack. Once per round when you hit, your attack does an extra 1d6 poison damage.
    • Sagittarius, the Archer Your near and far range with all ranged and thrown weapons is doubled.
    • Aquila, the Eagle You gain the eyesight of an eagle. You can see up to 1 mile away with no difficulty, able to discern even fine details as though looking at something no more than 100 feet away from you
    • Cassiopeia, the Queen You embrace the force of will of the queen, granting you proficiency with all charisma saving throws.
    • Cygnus, the Swan You gain the blessings of the grace of a swan. Once per day, as a reaction, when you fail a dexterity check or save, you may call upon the swans to grant you an automatic success.
    • Lyra, the Harp You gain proficiency in performance, if you do not already have it. Additionally, you gain double your proficiency bonus when making performance checks.
    • Orion, the Hunter You embrace the way of the hunter, granting you the ability to cast the spell hunterís mark as a level 1 spell once per long rest.
    • Ursa Major, the Great Bear Prerequisite: Ursa Minor. The greater bear enhances your natural claws and sharpened teeth. Your claws and teeth now do 1d10+strength damage each and are considered magical +1 weapons (adding an additional +1 to your attack and damage).
    • Ursa Minor, the Lesser Bear You gain a blessing of the lesser bear granting you claws and and sharpened teeth. The claws do 1d8+strength slashing damage and the bite 1d8+strength piercing damage.
    • Canis Major, the Greater Dog Prerequisite: Canis Minor. Your loyalty to your allies shows no bounds. Even when you are under the effects of a spell or ability that would cause you to harm your allies you retain some semblance of yourself. You may use an action to dismiss the spell or effect on you.
    • Canis Minor, the Lesser Dog You have the loyalty of the dog. You have advantage on a save against any spell or ability that would cause you to harm your allies.
    • Vulpecula, the Little Fox You gain proficiency in deception if you do not already have it. Additionally, you gain double your proficiency bonus when making deception checks.