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Thread: Home 24: A house in this market?

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    [St Lazarusís Apartment]

    Calm Reed listens with well-hidden dismay. What a wretched pile of rancid garbage this Skyside is. Like Nexus... the one in Creation, that is... or Wu-Jian. Teeming masses of people just left to their own devices and the mercy of the brigands. No authority, mortal or divine, to keep them in line. This world clearly needs her, but she's just one Dragon-Blooded. And... what did Fidelia call St. Lazarus? Her birth name, she guesses. But the knight didn't give it to her, so she'll keep on using the St. Lazarus moniker. After all, she's not using her birth name either.

    "Your debt to her is great indeed. And it does need to be repaid. Maybe in time you'll see a way to do it. Perhaps not to her, but by carrying her good deed forward and passing it on to someone else."
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