Welp, it was a day where the Daily Draw didn't end up with a 3* or 4*, so I decided to make another valuable pull. Of course, it wasn't on the Realm Banners; rather, it was on one of the GoldFes Lucky Draws. Namely, the Healer's Draw. (Of course I'm not gonna waste it on the Mages' Draw! I'll wait until the stars favor me most.) The picks are pretty solid, including stuff for Ovelia, who's starving for more stuff. There's also a handful of dupes; less than half, but still a good handful. So, what's the result?

3/11, ONE DISCO, but the Disco was a dupe.

  • Larsa's Swordbreaker! Another item for Larsa, which is cool, and another weapon too. It's a Dagger, with a super high MND bonus, and the LMR is pretty nice too (Astra on ST WHM healing spell; that means you can add Astra to that Curada you cast!) Nice catch!
  • Aerith's Jacket! More VII Light Armor .The minor Holy resist is so-so, but the LMR is pretty good; W-Cast WHM spells! Sure, her SB rotation is basically her first Burst, but that's still fine. Could have gotten something else (Innocent Cure, perhaps?), but it's decent.
  • Larsa's Carmagnole. The dupe. At least it turned into THE White Mage preferred armor? Kinda bummed I didn't get anything else.

Bummed by the Disco, but the other two items are pretty decent. That means any 2* pull on the Daily Draw leavs favorable results.